The Shocking Truth Behind 20 of the World’s Biggest Lies

Ever notice how the truth seems to slip through our fingers like smoke? It’s like we’re stuck in this crazy maze of lies, both tiny fibs and whopping whoppers. Lies are like those sneaky chameleons, always changing colors and blending in, making it hard to tell what’s real anymore.

One Redditor asked, “What is the world’s greatest lie?” This question had thousands of responses, but we have listed the most interesting lies for you!

1. Terms and Conditions

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Come on, who has the time or the patience to read through that novel-length fine print every time you install a new app?


Another added, “I wonder if ever a single person read that entire text.”

2. Hard Work

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One person said, “If you work hard, you’ll get ahead in life.”

Another replied, “The part people always omit from that phrase is you have to work hard at the right thing. Just working hard won’t guarantee success.”

Sure, hard work pays off, but it’s not the golden ticket to success anymore. Life’s more like a complicated board game where luck, connections, and sheer chance often trump hard graft.

3. Banks

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A Redditor said, “Central banks provide stability.”

Someone else replied, “From what I’ve learned, they appear to give long-term instability, right? Naughty betting and not even following through with a bad bet. Hiding their bad positions with swaps, and then the people who oversee the swaps hide the data for years…. Excellent.”

Central banks are supposed to be our financial superheroes, but stability seems to be their kryptonite. We’re left scratching our heads, wondering where all that stability went when the market decides to throw a tantrum.

4. Saying You Are Fine

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Someone said, “When a woman says “I’m fine. I tell people I’m good. It’s a lie, but who on earth cares how I’m doing in reality?””


We hear it a zillion times a day, and we all give the same programmed response: “I’m fine, thanks.” But let’s face it: half the time, we’re drowning in stress, exhaustion, and a to-do list. It’s the social lie we tell to avoid awkward conversations, and everyone’s in on it.

5. Government

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Ha! We hear promises during elections that sound like they’re plucked straight out of a fairy tale. But the reality? Well, let’s just say it’s a tad less magical. We’re fed these heartwarming stories about how politicians are our knights in shining armor, but when the dust settles, we’re left wondering if they even remember our names.

One user wrote, “The government and politicians care about you.”

Another replied, “It’s AMAZING how many people have been suckered into believing that. They’ll scream at you that it’s true without having the faintest idea they’ve been taken as suckers at a carnival game by the very people they claim to be infinitely smarter than. It’s wildly effective.”

6. Being Remembered

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We’re told that if we do something spectacular, we’ll be etched in the annals of history. But let’s get real here – unless you’re Einstein or Shakespeare, chances are you’ll be forgotten!

One person said, ““You’ll be remembered!” Nobody will remember you, you will be forgotten, and everything you ever did will be lost to the mists of time.”

Someone else replied, “Humanity will cease to exist at some point in the future, whether that be tomorrow or a point so far in the future that it’s inconceivable, but one thing is certain, and that’s everything comes to an end.”

7. Rich Being Smart

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Newsflash: money and brainpower don’t always go hand in hand.

A Redditor said, “Rich people are smarter. I’ve worked with some riiiich people; they are definitely not smarter.”

Another added, “I mean, there are studies that explicitly show that income has a poor correlation with intelligence. Not even talking about all the nepotism babies and inherited wealth.”

8. Upper-middle Class

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Someone said, “-That achieving an upper-middle-class lifestyle will make you happy.”

Another replied, “Whoever says money doesn’t buy happiness is full of. Money causes less stress and, therefore, more happiness. So don’t go for an upper middle.”

Sure, having your bills paid is great, but it won’t magically fix that gnawing feeling inside.

9. The Devil

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One user wrote, “I know, very cliche, but…The devil isn’t real.”

Someone else replied, “Not only cliche but there’s no evidence that it is in any way false.”

Do you think the ultimate devil, Satan, exists?

10. Karma

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Ah, the cosmic scoreboard where good deeds supposedly earn you brownie points. Hate to burst the bubble, but life’s not a vending machine – you don’t insert kindness and get a reward. Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa.

One person said, “Karma. It’s not something you can depend on to right wrongs.”

Another responded, “Good things always happen to the wrong people.”

11. Equality

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A Redditor said, “Everyone is equal.”

Another replied, “I actually believed all people were equal until I started working and realized, no- this world is chock full of dumb peeps barely operating above chimpanzee level. Anyone who tries to tell you that all humans have the same capacity is a liar.”

We’re all different, with unique strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities!

12. Nation Debt

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Someone commented, “The budget will balance itself” – Justin Trudeau 2015. Currently over 100 billion dollars in debt 8 years later, and here we are still waiting!”

Another added, “Aw, what a tiny, little, adorable amount of debt! -Sincerely, an American whose nation has over $33 trillion in debt.”

Seriously, did he misplace a calculator or something? It’s a classic case of political wishful thinking, and guess who’s left holding the bag? Yes, us – the taxpayers.

13. Money Buys Happiness

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One said, “That money “buys” happiness. When you’re in poverty, and you suddenly make enough to live comfortably (e.g., healthcare covered, enough food, etc.), money DOES make a difference in happiness. But after that point, obtaining more money doesn’t increase happiness. IN FACT, it inhibits it in many cases.”

Someone else replied, “Just look at the thousands of multi-millionaires who are depressed and unhappy….”

Happiness is a complex puzzle that can’t be solved by owning a fancy car or a big house. It’s the small, genuine moments that count.

14. The Truth

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We’ve all fallen for this one, only to find ourselves grounded for a month or facing a tsunami of consequences.

Someone said, “” if you tell the truth, you won’t be in trouble.” Yeah, Mom, I fell for that a few times and learned that lesson quickly.”

Another added, “This is what I use with my children. Works with one, doesn’t work with the other. The one it works with also coincidentally and unfortunately is doing much less.”

15. Carrots

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Someone said, “One of the most impressive ones was when Great Britain convinced everyone during WWII that carrots were the reason why their vision was great when it was really the recently discovered airborne interception radar technologies. I still know people who are convinced eating carrots as kids will ensure a 20/20 vision for life.”

Another replied, “I remember absolutely pounding down carrots with my brother and friend because my friend had heard they help your night vision. No regrets, though. Carrots are delicious.”

Hate to burst the bubble, but while carrots are healthy and all, they won’t turn you into a superhero with night vision goggles. If only life were that simple, right?

16. Beauty Products

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A Redditor said, “”You are not beautiful. But you could be with this product””

Another added, “Yeah, advertising might be the best deception of all time. Let’s get people to believe that they are useless without this thing.”

We’re all beautiful in our own unique ways, and no amount of pricey cream is going to change that!

17. Valuable Diamonds

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We’re led to believe they’re rare and invaluable, but in reality, they’re just sparkly pieces of compressed carbon. The price? Well, that’s just a result of clever marketing.

One user wrote, “That diamonds are valuable.”

Another replied, “This is one of my big ones. Diamonds are completely artificially propped up in value by one company, DeBeers. Their value in commercial use is good, but as a pretty gemstone, it’s basically all a sham.”

18. Opioids

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The so-called wonder drug that claims to numb pain without any consequences. But guess what? They’re highly addictive!

Someone said, “”Here. Take this opioid. Our technicians swear it is not addictive.” ~ Big Pharma”

A Reddit user wrote, “Funny is that some people who need pain medicine are not getting it. I had Tylenol for a hysterectomy…. Yeah, 10/10 don’t recommend.”

19. Body Fats

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Someone commented, “”Fat will make you fat. Eating that full of sugar premade meal won’t.”

Another said, “Another lie is: that carbs make you fat. No, too many calories do. I eat 80% carbs, weigh 150 lbs at 5’9.5”, and have around 10% body fat.”

It’s about balance and overall lifestyle, not banning fats from your plate.

20. Call Centers

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One person said, ““We are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Your call is very important to us.” every single customer service line. Edit: my first award (WITH AN S) ever. THANK YOU!”

Someone else replied, “Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line until it’s no longer important to you.”

Really? Because if our calls were so important, maybe they’d hire more customer service reps!

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