The Best Colleen Hoover Book

Have you ever read any Colleen Hoover books? If you haven’t, and you enjoy a great romance every now and then, maybe it’s time you pick one up.  

It Ends With Us Series

What a sensation It Ends With Us has been! The first book was so popular that the sequel, It Starts With Us, was Simon & Schuster’s most preordered book ever.  


Reminders Of Him

One of Colleen Hoover’s newer books and a bestseller in 2022, Reminders of Him, follows a troubled young mother as she tries to put her life on a better path after serving five years in prison.  


What Ages Are Colleen Hoover Books For?

Colleen Hoover’s books have typically been considered young adult fiction, but as the YA genre grows, the term “new adult” has been recently coined thanks to books like Hoover’s. 


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