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The 8 Worst Netflix Shows That Deserve A Hard Pass

Why bad shows? Some of the worst shows are best for specific times. When you are looking for some background noise when you work, turning on a bad show is a great way to have background noise without getting distracted.

The Protector

One person explained, “I feel I’m pretty open-minded to many genres and humors but this show I just struggled so hard to finish."


“I knew within the first 10 seconds the show was going to be bad. I lasted 1/2 the first episode. I was surprised too, I thought the main actress was usually pretty good. But ugh,” someone wrote.

“There was a big controversy over it lol. It definitely wasn’t great. I liked the concept, but they made it in all the worst ways,” someone added.

Emily In Paris

Keep Breathing

One person joked, “There are certain episodes where you can literally go to the fresh market, comes back, and the story still didn’t develop any further.”

“People have mixed feelings on this one, but I personally hated 13 Reasons Why. I couldn’t finish the first season, and I usually finish every tv show I start even if they go downhill."

13 Reasons Why

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