8 Fun & Simple Kid Sleepover Ideas For The Busy Mom

Sleepovers are so much fun! When it’s time for your kids to have a sleepover, there are some fun things you can do.

Here are some awesome, fun simple kid sleepover ideas that can work for planned or unplanned sleepovers! 

Choose A Fun Movie

This is an absolute sleepover must! A good movie is highly recommended when it’s time for your kids to have a fun sleepover!

Order Pizza

You simply can’t have a fun sleepover without pizza! Of course, if pizza is not an option, there are many other cool sleepover foods, too!

Dance Party

If your kids love to dance like mine do, it’s a great chance to show off their dance moves.

Play A Game

Games are always fun! Break out the games you haven’t used in a while, and let the kids go crazy!

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