5 Reasons Not To Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby

I am guessing you might want to know what it’s like not to find out the gender of your baby. Well, let me tell you. Not finding out your baby’s gender is not an easy decision to make!

Let’s get into why you might want to wait to find out until the baby’s birth!  

No Negative Remarks

There was no comment to make about the baby because, if you don’t know the gender, you’re not tempted to tell people. So, you’ll still get the negative comments…”Oh, I hope it’s a….” but that’s all they are. Comments.

We Didn’t Always Have The Option To Know The Gender

I think about the many women before me who have given birth that had no idea what they were having. They weren’t bothered by not knowing the gender…there was no way for them to know!

It Can Make Labor More Exciting

But, in my head, and maybe for someone else, this will be the one thing that pushes them through to get baby Earthside! It’s a motivator! You’ve waited so long to meet your baby, you’re so close, you can do it!!

The Ultrasound Or “Sneek Peak” Test Is Not Always Right

There really are many ways that the ultrasound machine could be incorrect, most likely due to the position of the baby!

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