5 Great Reasons To Consider Keeping Your Baby Name A Secret

Naming your baby is so exciting! There is just something incredible about getting to name this perfect human that you’ve carried for nine months.

Let me tell you all of the reasons why you should consider keeping your baby’s name a secret! 

You’ll Avoid The Negative Reactions

I can’t even begin to tell you the hold people think they have over baby names! If you’re reading this post, though, I am sure you know already!

It’s A Beautiful Connection And Secret Shared Between You And Your Spouse!

It’s something sweet that you can share with your husband and something that is just between you and him! How special is that?!

No One Will Ever Love It As Much As You And Your Spouse Do!

There is no one else that is going to hold the same amount of love for the name as you do!

You Won’t Have To Worry About Someone “Taking” Your Name

If you never share the name (especially online!), you don’t risk this happening at all!

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