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12 Popular TV Shows People Absolutely Refused To Watch

We all know those people who like to buck the trends and NOT do what everyone else is doing. When it comes to TV shows, it is the same thing. Here are some TV shows that people refuse to watch. ?

Anything Kardashian

This isn’t the name of the series, obviously, but people absolutely refuse to watch anything Kardashian related.

Ted Lasso

Someone wrote, “I have a coworker who refuses to watch Ted Lasso even though he likes watching soccer and admits he would probably enjoy the show. "

““Not popular now, but tiger king. Couldn’t get over how bad those animals were treated and can’t bring myself to watch it,” someone wrote.

Tiger King


Someone shared, “I tried, even just for laughs on how bad I knew it’d be. I just can’t do it. It’s is like listening to fingernails down a chalkboard for me.”

“Hated that show it almost seemed to glorify depression and suicide amongst the gen Zers” someone commented.

13 Reasons Why

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