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12 Popular TV Shows People Absolutely Refused To Watch

We all know those people who like to buck the trends and NOT do what everyone else is doing. When it comes to TV shows, it is the same thing. Here are some TV shows that people refuse to watch.

Game Of Thrones

One person had an issue with the final season. They said, ” If a show that big can have its entire fanbase and legacy erased with one bad season, it’s not worth getting invested in it for nothing.”

That 90’S Show

“I LOVE that 70’s show, but that reboot was not it. I watched first episode because of the returning characters, but that was it,” someone wrote.

Grey’s Anatomy

One person wrote, “Wife loves it, and I can’t stand all the people being operated on with some askew disease .0000001% of the population gets while fighting about who’s dating who and all the cliche melodramatic stuff of a daytime soap opera.”

Emily In Paris

Someone joked, “Call it what it is: Mary Sue the Ugly American ft. Product Placement.”

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