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12 Cancelled Shows That Fans Are Still Upset About

Sometimes a show being canceled can be completely gut-wrenching, especially when you’re really into a series! Here are the best answers to the question, “Which TV so cancellation are you still frustrated about?”

Happy Endings

“Cancelled due to low views, but that was a result of changing around its time slots, not viewers no longer having interest.” one user said.

Almost Human

“It had such potential and never even finished its first season.” a fan complained. Apparently, it was shown out of order, which made it impossible to watch. This one is on my list, too; it had so much potential!

Invader Zim is one that came up a few times, especially since this animated show is still a cult classic with kids nowadays. It’s not all bad, though.

Invader Zim

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Based on the Douglas Adams novel by the same name, this series was canceled because a lot of people didn’t really care for the second season.

This comedy series had a pretty good run (4 seasons), but the real reason fans are frustrated about its cancellation is that there was supposed to be a season 5 to wrap everything up since that didn’t happen, season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger that was never resolved.

My Name Is Earl

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