10 Best Budgeting Tips From The Frugal Community

While scrolling through a popular frugal living forum, I discovered the question, “What are some of your handiest budgeting tips?”

The frugal community responded by delivering this list of best budgeting practices. 

Create A Budget

“Greatest budgeting tip is budgeting and planning. If you have Excel, use it. Look at the money you have, estimate as much as possible the money you will have, and overestimate your monthly costs,”

Find The Deals

“Cheap meat is also possible to obtain. Many stores have manager specials on meat that will expire soon if it isn’t bought and frozen. I have gotten a few pounds of steak for only $3,”

Plan Weekly Grocery Trips

“We buy our veggies at the farmers market or the dollar store. Our dollar store gets produce from local vendors (we’re a farming county) and is fresh and cheap,”

Always Shop With A List

Always make a list and never deviate from it when you are in the store unless there are some great going off-counter deals you can freeze, etc.).

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