15 Ways To Make Rich People Think You Are One of Them

Let’s say you have been invited to an occasion where the super-wealthy will attend. You do not belong in their category, but you want to make them believe that you are one of them. How do you go about it? Faking a lifestyle is not recommended because it can cause you a world of stress and pain. And embarrassment if you get caught. However, if you are still adamant about making rich people believe you are one of them, here are tips on how you can pull this off.

Keep Everything Simple

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Don’t talk about money. Don’t be loud. Wear neutral colors. Simple and polished. Make sure your nails are well-manicured. If they’re painted, keep the color neutral. Makeup should be simple and flattering (foundation, mascara, highlighter (subtle), and neutral lipstick. 

Do Not Wear Too Much Jewelry

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Jewelry can be stunning, but rich people do not care too much for it. If you want to wear jewelry, keep everything as simple as possible. Diamond or pearl stud earrings. 1 necklace. One ring per hand. All jewelry should be the same tone. 

Drive a Limited-edition Car

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People who drive Bentleys or Rolls Royce are considered to be nouveau rich. Old money families drive in collector cars – Ferraris and Lamborghinis. They act as investment items to trade among the wealthy elites. They also do not drive these cars anyhow, trying to show off. They are more subdued about how they drive and do not care to show off.

Do Not Be Loud and Pretentious

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Rich people say that money speaks, but wealth whispers. Most wealthy people do not need to be loud or pretentious. They do not need to show off. They have a cool misdemeanor and maybe some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

Wear Simple Clothing

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Clothing splashed with brand logos all over are dead giveaways for rich wannabes. Wealthy people like to keep it simple. They will wear quality clothing but without screaming brand names. If you buy a handbag, ensure it is in high-quality leather material and has no logos. Wear well-fitting clothes. Tailored if possible.

Wear a Nice Watch

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You would rather wear a cheap but classic watch than wearing a high-end fake watch. Watches are conversation starters among wealthy people, and you are likely to meet watch connoisseurs who know their stuff. A fake watch will be spotted outright.

Act Normal, Do Not Try To Impress

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Do not try to impress rich people with wild stories. Chances are they have better experiences than you could possibly imagine. Allow them to guide the meet-up with their conversation and respond intelligently when called upon to do so.

Eat With Manners

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Observe how they behave at the dining table before you eat and follow suit. Learn some basic stuff about wine so that you can have an overall idea of what to ask and how to take it when you go out. If you do not know anything about wine, ask about it even though you do not care. Ask about the dates and why they matter, and let them indulge you with their winery knowledge. 

Look Presentable

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Wear nice and fitting clothing and shoes. They do not have to be top of the line, but ensure they are quality stuff. Iron your garments well and stay well-groomed. If possible, do not smoke or vape.

Do Not Sweat the Little Details

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Rich people do not like to stress over little details. They have lawyers who handle such matters if an issue arises. They will comfortably hand over keys to a $200k car without a second thought. They pay with a card and tip in cash after converting to the nearest rounded figure. They do not have time for frivolous stuff.

Never Ever Look Impressed Beyond Basic Politeness

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Someone name drops a celebrity or important person they know/work with? Polite smile. Someone’s daughter got into Harvard? Politely congratulate. Someone’s husband got them a diamond tennis bracelet? “Oh, it’s lovely.” Never give a big reaction.

Have Impeccable Manners

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Wealthy people are not rude and are quick to apologize whenever they think they are out of line. They are not loud and prefer settling disputes in a controlled and subtle manner.

Don’t Drink All of Your Drink

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Rich folk don’t suck on straws till it’s making that awful sound when you get to the bottom of a drink. And they won’t knock it back, risking the ice going in their face… they just order another.

Be Immaculately Groomed

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Posture is key. Also, immaculate grooming, but you have to really own it and make it seem natural. Your hands and fingernails are dead giveaways. Get a manicure. If your hands are rough from manual labor, you’re going to need an excuse, like some “real man” hobby like sailing or mountain climbing.

Prompt Them To Tell You About Themselves

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If you ask any questions in conversation with someone, try to ask them things that prompt them to keep telling you about them. They love to talk about themselves, and you will be able to keep quiet and look like you belong if you just let them blather on because that’s what they really want to do.

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