100 Unique Activities To Do When You’re Alone

We’ve all been there, right? Those moments when the house is unusually quiet, your social media feeds seem uninteresting, and you’re left pondering, “What now?”

In this blog post, you’ll find a curated list of 100 unique activities to enjoy during alone time. Whether you’re seeking a creative outlet, looking to unwind, or simply want to try something new, this comprehensive guide offers a variety of options to suit your interests and mood.

100 Activities To Do When You’re Alone

  1. Expand your music taste by listening to various public playlists and recommendations on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.
  2. Create a new music playlist or clean up/add to the ones you already have.
  3. Watch the number one movie on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies list.
  4. Play cards games online, like solitaire, for example.
  5. Play around with OpenAI’s DALL·E 3 and create new wallpapers.
  6. Find a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, head to the market to get any ingredients you don’t already have, and make it!
  7. Look through your closet and donate clothes you haven’t worn in years.
  8. Go to the movies solo.
  9. Go on a walk around your neighborhood.
  10. Complete a guided meditation.
  11. Play a new video game on your computer or console.
  12. Or maybe find a cool new mobile game on your phone.
  13. Start a side-hustle or business.
  14. Complete a challenging Sudoku puzzle.
  15. Create a list of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.
  16. Try to draw pictures without ever lifting the pen.
  17. Color in a detailed coloring book.
  18. Explore the recent discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).
  19. Start reading a new book.
  20. Look through your digital photos and print your favorite ones.
  21. Take those freshly printed photos and make a scrapbook.
  22. Put on your running shoes and go for a run.
  23. Relax with a bath. Consider adding Epsom salt, essential oils, or a bath bomb.
  24. Catch up on some sleep.
  25. Head to the mall to check out some stores, get something at the food court, or simply walk around (or do them all!).
  26. Chill at a café.
  27. Start an Adobe free trial and get creative!
  28. Improve your sales skills.
  29. Learn how to play an instrument.
  30. Create inspiration boards on Pinterest.
  31. Clean out and organize your pantry and refrigerator.
  32. Order a pizza and watch the latest show on Hulu.
  33. Plan a weekend vacation.
  34. You could even start planning your dream vacation and figure out what it takes to make it a reality.
  35. Perform a ‘brain dump’ to clear your mind.
  36. Binge-watch funny videos on YouTube.
  37. Follow along with an online yoga class.
  38. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
  39. Update your headshot or take some new pics for your social media accounts with a photo shoot.
  40. Start learning a new language.
  41. Video call one of your friends.
  42. Discover something new on Wait But Why.
  43. Listen to a podcast.
  44. Learn how to speed read.
  45. Look up some side hustles you can do for extra cash.
  46. Speaking of extra cash, you could start delivering for an online delivery service like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Instacart.
  47. Rearrange your room.
  48. Deep clean your house.
  49. Learn how to draw.
  50. Write down everything you are grateful for.
  51. Treat yourself to your favorite snack or dessert.
  52. Start teaching yourself a coding language.
  53. Learn how to do a handstand.
  54. Make a list of wants and needs.
  55. Map out your monthly budget and spending.
  56. Bring your designs to life with injection molding services.
  57. Check out your subscriptions and end the ones you don’t want anymore (or forgot about).
  58. Watch inspiring TED Talks.
  59. Mix and match old clothes to figure out new outfits.
  60. Search for new phone or desktop wallpapers.
  61. Have a throwback movie marathon.
  62. Start meal prepping.
  63. Head to the gym for a workout.
  64. Catch up on laundry.
  65. Clean out your email inbox.
  66. Experiment with a new hairstyle.
  67. Look through your bank transactions to check for any unfamiliar charges.
  68. Enroll in an online class.
  69. Explore a nearby city.
  70. Ask ChatGPT to write you a funny short story.
  71. Give your pet a bath.
  72. Make homemade pasta (it’s easier than you think!).
  73. Paint your nails in a new color.
  74. If you are a caregiver, check out Givers to see if you are eligible for pay, discounts, and more.
  75. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who needs it. Brightening their day will brighten yours, too!
  76. Watch a live stream on Twitch.
  77. Or start streaming yourself!
  78. Search for clubs in your area and see if any catch your eye.
  79. Go to a park and read a book.
  80. Start a DIY home decor project.
  81. Go to a farmer’s market and explore what your local farmers offer.
  82. Check out the unique finds at a flea market.
  83. Shop online and see what sales are available.
  84. Start a garden. From herbs and flowers to fruits and vegetables, there are tons of plants you can grow at home.
  85. Visit a local museum.
  86. Find events near you on Meetup.
  87. Update your resume.
  88. Organize all the files on your computer.
  89. Treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment.
  90. Take your car to a car wash. Cars need pampering, too!
  91. Start writing in a journal. It could be about anything!
  92. Create a bucket list.
  93. Practice your interior design skills with a virtual room designer.
  94. Immerse yourself in nature by going on a hike.
  95. Take some time to do a full-body stretching routine.
  96. Go through some old boxes and take a trip down memory lane.
  97. Complete a random act of kindness.
  98. Take up a new hobby.
  99. Start a blog and write what you’re passionate about.
  100. Research your family tree.

As we reach the end of this list, remember that spending time alone doesn’t have to be a mundane or uneventful experience. It’s an opportunity to rediscover your interests, nourish your creativity, and recharge your mind. 

Whether you embark on a new hobby, indulge in relaxation, or engage in productive endeavors, each activity is a step towards embracing and enjoying your own company. 

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