16 Things People Do Regularly That Save Them Money

Saving money regularly should be everyone’s habit. However, some people take the concept to a whole new scale. Here are things people do to save money that other frugal people may consider a bit extreme.

Save on Gas by Consolidating Errands

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This might not be very extreme, but one person has to wait for a specific day to do all the errands they need to do for the week to save on gas.

Keeping the Heat Uncomfortably Low

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The AC piles up electric bills when left on for too long, and some people have tried finding a way around this. For instance, they have many throw blankets to cover themselves when it is too cold, and they do not want to turn on the AC.

Cutting Lotion Bottles in Half

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Some people reckon that when the lotion bottle seems ’empty,’ it usually contains about 6-8 more ounces of product in it. Cutting these bottles in half to get every ounce may be considered a bit extreme. 

Freezing Chicken Bones To Make Broth

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Some people freeze chicken bones and leftover vegetable scraps to make broth. Others freeze bread ends and make bread casserole (eggs, milk, sautéed onions, bread cubes baked in the oven).

Re-using Gallon-sized Ziploc Bags

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Re-using Ziploc bags seems gross for some people and a little unhygienic. Do not reuse Ziploc bags that have been holding meat. 

Buying Powdered Versions of Sauces

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Some people buy the powdered version of sauces/marinades/condiments instead of liquid so that they last longer.

Keeping All Windows Open at Night

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Another trick frugal people use to save money on electricity bills is by keeping windows open at night. Some add a fan in the bedroom if it is too hot. They rarely use the AC

Using Clothing Instead of Paper Towels

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Paper towels can be expensive, and they are not reusable. Some people prefer using clothing instead. They buy cheap terrycloth shop towels and use them as bar mops. They also use handkerchiefs and Kleenex to clean surfaces around the house.

Unplugging Appliances

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Unplugging appliances may not save you much at the end of the year, but some people still do it out of habit. Every little dime adds up to big savings. 

Cutting Own Hair

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Cutting your hair is a good frugal move because getting a good haircut is expensive. It saves you a lot of money in the long run. If you can’t cut it yourself, then try to barter with a friend who can do it for you. 

Using a Two-Tea System

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Another person has a weird way of saving money called the “two-tea system.” When he makes himself a cup of tea every morning, he pours hot water into a regular mug with the tea bag in it. Then, after about 30 seconds, he transfers the tea bag to a large thermos travel mug of hot water and lets it steep indefinitely. When he finishes drinking the first cup of tea, he puts the rest in a travel mug of tea already ready to go.

Not Showering Daily

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Whereas some people cannot afford not to shower frequently, others are more than willing to skip 3-4 days a week to save money. They use grooming wipes and antiperspirant to keep fresh in between showers.

Dumpster Diving for Food

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Dumpster diving is becoming a common activity nowadays. People are finding great stuff from these dumpsters. What seems a bit extreme is dumpster diving for food. You do not know whether the food is poisoned or not.

Re-Using Oil

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When you cook anything fried, you can reuse the oil for at least one more time. Some people push this and reuse the oil countless times. Prepare the oil first before re-using it. Get a jar and some cheesecloth and pour the oil into the jar through the cloth to catch the crumbs and whatever other tidbits may be in the oil. 

Going Thrifting for Date Nights

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Since restaurants are expensive, it makes going out very expensive for one couple. They have given up on going out, and for date nights, they go thrifting, go to the Costco food court, or grab $3 burgers from the local gas station chain and eat them in the park.

Eating Salads for Lunch at Work

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One person shared how they managed to save over $1000 a year by eating salad at work and meal prepping instead of buying lunch daily.

They meal prep salad ingredients every Sunday night. They then buy some lettuce on the salad bar, dump the rest of the ingredients in, and have an awesome salad for cheap. Other coworkers make fun of them, but they are proud that this strategy has helped them save over $ 1,000 per year.

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