13 Things Frugal People Won’t Buy on Cyber Monday

It’s almost Cyber Monday and in the USA, that means it’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go and spend all your money on “so-called” deals. Frugal people shop wisely and keep their money in their pockets when it comes to these items.

Things They Don’t Need

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It can be tempting to buy things just because they’re on sale, but frugal people know that this is a recipe for financial trouble. Only buy things that you actually need or will use, even if they’re on sale.

Things That They Can’t Afford

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It’s important to stick to your budget, even on Cyber Monday Don’t buy things that you can’t afford, even if they’re on sale. Remember, Cyber Monday sales are just a way for retailers to get rid of excess inventory. Make a budget before shopping and make sure that any shopping you do stays within your budget. 

Things That They Don’t Really Want

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Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean that you want it. Don’t be swayed by the hype and buy things that you don’t really want. Remember, advertisers are really, really good at convincing people that they need things they don’t really need or want. When you go shopping or consume media, keep that in mind. 

Extended Warranties

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Extended warranties are often a waste of money. If something breaks, it’s usually cheaper to fix it yourself or replace it than to buy an extended warranty. Keep that in mind when you get “upselled” by salespeople or websites. 

Gift Cards

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While it seems like a convenient and safe option, gift cards are a potential money pit. If you don’t spend the entire value, you could lose out on money. Even if you get credit card points or great deals, if you aren’t the type of person to really keep track of all your money and be on top of using every gift card it’s probably better to just stay away.

Electronics Marked Down Significantly

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While it might seem like a steal, electronics marked down significantly are often discontinued models or have poor quality. Some retailers give significant savings on the stock they want to get rid of, or they make specific items to sell on Cyber Monday at a discount. These are often not as great of a deal as they advertise them to be. 

Clothing or Shoes They Won’t Wear

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Even if it’s on sale, if you won’t wear it, it’s a waste of money. While there are so many cute pajamas, sweaters, and clothes on sale- look critically at your wardrobe and look to see if you really need something new.

Appliances They Don’t Need

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Appliances are often expensive, so it’s important to only buy the ones you need. Many small appliances only do one task which not only is a lot of money for one appliance but also takes a lot of room in your house. Steer clear of cool gadgets or appliances that you don’t really need. 

Furniture That Won’t Fit In Their Space

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Before buying furniture, make sure it will fit in your space. Do your research before purchasing any furniture or very large household items. 

Home Décor That Doesn’t Match Their Style

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Home décor can be expensive, so it’s important to only buy things that match your style. While the items on sale might be adorable, or look great in the store or in the photos, remember that your house doesn’t look like the staged ad so it probably won’t look the same in your house. 

Anything They Can’t Return

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Before buying anything, make sure you understand the return policy. If things are not returnable, best to stay clear. Returns are a great way to recoup losses on items you changed your mind about. 

Anything They Can Get for Free

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There are many ways to get things for free, so don’t pay for something you can get for free. Frugal people love free stuff and there are so many ways to get free items that will help you save your money for the things that you really need or want. 

Things That Have Better Deals on Other Days

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Smart frugal people make sure that items that are on sale are actually on sale and haven’t just had the price inflated a few days before to look like they are on sale. You can use a price tracker to see if the deal on Cyber Monday is actually a good deal. 

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