15 Cheap Things Frugal People To Do for Fun

In 2022, the American Psychological Association conducted a study that revealed that 65% of Americans suffer money-related stress. Americans aged between 18 and 25 were the worst hit, most of them saying they don’t have ways to have fun.

While the numbers are worrying, we can’t ignore that some people don’t know they can find joy in simple pleasures. The possibilities for such simple pleasures are numerous and economical. 

While some cost-conscious families find joy in nature outings, others enjoy themselves in the comfort of their homes. You, too, can create fun family memories by avoiding costly leisure activities. 

Read on for some economical activities you can use for family entertainment. 

1. Picnics in the Park

Happy family having picnic in park on sunny summer day
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You do not need a pricey vacation out of town to reconnect with your family. Go for a picnic in the nearest park, dine, and have fun while at it. You only need a few snacks and a peaceful setting, for example, near a river or under a tree. To save some cash, you can visit parks offering free entry. Consider choosing a park that allows food from outside, as this allows you to skip dining in an eatery selling food at high prices. 

Moreover, you can enjoy fresh air and some sun while picnicking. 

2. Movie Nights at Home

Smiling young parents with two kids sitting on couch and watching TV. Happy caucasian family in casual wear spending evening time together at home.
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Skip the theaters and enjoy a movie or two at home. Research conducted by FilmTrack in 2020 showed that 36% of Americans enjoy streaming at home. COVID-19 largely contributed to the rise in the numbers. 

Today, it would cost you more to visit theaters for movies instead of paying for streaming services on platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. Aside from streaming videos, you can save money by borrowing movies from friends, libraries, and neighbors and enjoying them with family at home. Further, you can have homemade snacks, for example, popcorn and crackers, on your movie night.

You will not only have saved on movie tickets but also the pricey movie theater popcorn.

3. DIY Crafts

Young woman decorating DIY jars with paint.
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A 2022 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a drop in monthly entertainment budgets, from 8% to 5%, perhaps due to the rising cost of living. The study further indicated that 1% of the spending was on DIY equipment. DIY crafts promote bonding, help save money, and build creativity. 

There are so many DIY projects you can do with your family. For instance, you can build a birdhouse, paint rocks, or make a lampshade.

Equipment needed for the crafts, for example, glue, paint, and rulers are inexpensive and readily available. 

4. Library Adventures

In library. Pretty blonde woman standing with books in library.
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Are you after a pocket-friendly yet impactful way to have fun with family? Consider visiting your local library. Libraries these days are not only serene places to read books and research. Some have fun activities, including storytelling sessions, for the young ones. Further, they offer video games that help keep the kids engaged. As the young ones enjoy themselves, you can read a magazine or newspaper or catch up with the work you are falling behind on. 

On top of that, take advantage of free books and movies available in some libraries. 

5. Nature Walks and Hikes

couple hiking in forest
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Nature is free, and exploring it might cost you nothing. Consider taking walks in a local park or a forested area. Choose a low-cost recreational site or one that offers free admission. Aside from reconnecting with nature and saving you money, hiking gets the whole family to exercise their muscles. There are endless educational opportunities in nature. Your family can learn about different species of flowers and trees in an ecosystem. Further, they can hold quality conversations with little or no distractions.   

6. Board Game Nights

Two young women sitting on couch playing board game with counters, laughing. Happy couple bonding over an indoor leisure activity, smiling and sitting together at a table.
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Board games have a way of bringing families together. They are popular with families seeking cheap entertainment. Imagine gathering your whole family to play Scrabble after dinner. While that helps foster stronger emotional connections, it also bridges generational gaps. 

Also, board games help develop strong lines of communication among family members. For example, a kid can learn to communicate better and follow instructions by playing board games. 

Board games are cheap to buy and readily available. In addition, you can borrow a board game from neighbors or a library and enjoy yourself at home.

7. Cooking Together

young man cooking
Image Credit: AlexLipa via DepositPhotos.com.

Gather your family in the kitchen and prepare a tasty meal. Besides being a frugal way of bonding, it helps create lifelong memories. Want to make it more entertaining? Consider bonding over a cookout session. Such sessions offer an excellent opportunity to tell stories and crack jokes while at it. 

To bring out togetherness, let each family have a task to undertake. You can also use available ingredients to make it more budget-friendly. 

 Cooking together is not only a fun way to interact with your family. You can use it as an excellent opportunity to pass down beloved recipes and cooking techniques to the younger generation. 

8. Attend Local Community Events

Indianapolis, IN - August 5: Indiana state fair ground are prepared for opening on August 6.
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Attending a low-cost community event is among the fun ways families on a budget spend their time. Such events can include acrobatic shows, live music performances, and fun rides each family can enjoy. 

Moreover, attending a free cultural festival or street fair with your kids will help them see the world in another dimension. The events can also enhance social interaction as they would meet friends in a setting different from school. You, too, can interact with other community members as the event is going on. 

9. DIY Science Experiments

Kids doing a chemical experiment in laboratory at school.
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DIY science experiments are engaging yet fun-filled ways for families to mix entertainment with education. Conducting safe and captivating experiments, such as homemade volcanoes, promotes hands-on learning.

 The fun experiments bring out a sense of togetherness and reinforce what kids have been taught in school. Go for the low-cost laboratory apparatus and chemicals to conduct the experiments. 

Science websites and YouTube channels are perfect resources for you to do your research. Further, you can hold a science-themed party at home without breaking the bank.   

10. Gardening

Attractive gardener with plants and flowerpots sitting on green grass
Image Credit: SashaKhalabuzar via DepositPhotos.com.

Gardening continues to be a popular hobby for many Americans. A study by Wakefield Research and Scotts Miracle-Gro in 2020 revealed that 55% of American households undertook gardening during their free time. Aside from being cost-friendly, the activity helped participants reconnect with nature and keep fit. You can grow your vegetables or herbs in your kitchen garden and won’t have to buy them in your local grocery store. 

Let your family members help you till the garden and remove weeds. This is always fun when done together. Seeds and gardening equipment such as shovels, watering cans, and wheelbarrows are inexpensive and can be borrowed from neighbors or friends. 

11. Bike Rides

a woman riding a bike in a park.
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Bike rides are a perfect alternative for families looking for affordable yet delightful ways to have an active time together. You only need a functional bicycle and a safe setting to ride it. The good thing is that there are many possibilities for borrowing or renting a bike. 

Bike rides are suitable for all family members, as there are bicycles for kids and adults. Location is everything for this budget leisure activity. You can choose a public beach if you are looking to enjoy the sea breeze while riding your bike.

Besides being a fun activity, biking strengthens your muscles and helps family members stay active.    

12. Volunteering Together

Portrait of smiling volunteers standing in the park.
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Volunteering is like killing two birds with one stone. You spend quality time with your family while positively impacting society. So, how do you identify which activity to engage in? Look for an activity that all family members can take part in quickly and that they like. Activities you can indulge in include keeping the elderly company in a nursing home, teaching English, or walking pets. 

Such activities will strengthen family bonds.

On top of being pocket-friendly, volunteering is an excellent way to increase social interaction and instill good values in your children.

13. Home Talent Shows

Joyful senior hispanic man pointing at you laughing.
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Turn ordinary days at home into merrymaking moments without hurting your wallet. Let every family member showcase how they are gifted. They can sing, dance, or crack jokes. You don’t need pricey props or costumes for the show; use whatever is available in the house.

 Also, your living room or backyard can be a perfect venue for the shows. On top of making each family member happy, the shows foster creativity. Group acts among family members promote collaboration.

14. Stargazing

Astronomer with a telescope watching at the stars and Moon. My astronomy work.
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Getting out of your house and watching the stars will cost you nothing. This is an enchanting form of entertainment that all family members can enjoy. The rooftop, garden, and backyard are perfect spots to gaze into the sky. 

You can incorporate a budget-friendly telescope or binoculars for the best experience. The NASA application is free and can help you identify stars in the sky. Alternatively, you can borrow books with information about the stars and planets to help make your stargazing sessions more engaging. 

15. Attend Local Sporting Events 

American Football Player running upfield
Image Credit: yobro10 via DepositPhotos.com.

Local sporting events are often free or inexpensive. Keep an eye on community leagues and high school sports events in your area, and plan to bring your children and family to attend. Cheering for the home team, experiencing the crowd’s enthusiasm, and witnessing the players’ passion can be both entertaining and inspiring. 

It’s a chance to support local talent, instill a sense of community pride, and expose kids to the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, all while enjoying a thrilling outing without straining the budget.

 Additionally, such events can go a long way in encouraging children to join sporting teams and cultivate their talents. 

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