The 10 Things Solo Travelers Should Never Do in a Ride-Share, According to the Experts

Street Smart Safety For Women Authors Joy Farrow and Laura Frombach say Ride-Shares are a quick and convenient way to get you to your destination but, keep in mind that the drivers aren’t your personal chauffeur and may not always have your best interest in mind. But you can stay safe by following these tips. Here’s what not to do: 


1. No Sleeping

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You are not in your family’s car, where you can get in the backseat and cozy up to the window and the driver wakes you when you arrive. 


2. Don’t Give Out Personal Information

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Try not to be overly chatting with a driver, as you may divulge too much personal information, or almost as badly – give them just enough information during a chat that the know no one else is home. If you’re picked up at your home, pretend that it’s a friend’s place, so they don’t come back at a later time. Never let a driver know you live alone. You could even make a call to yourself just as you get in to let the driver know you “don’t live alone” by saying: “Don’t forget to feed the dog!”


3. Carry-On Luggage

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Don’t put your purse or carry-on bag in the trunk. That way, if you want to get out in a hurry, you can just grab your bag and leave. A carry-on bag can also be used as a barrier between you and the driver.


4. No Sitting in the Front Seat

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If the driver invites you to sit in the front seat, say “No thank you.” Your safest location in the car is in the back seat on the passenger side. It’s the furthest from the driver and allows you to exit from either side. Also, riders are not allowed to ride in the front in ride-shares, so don’t fall for it.


5. Don’t Get In if the Driver’s Got A Co-Driver

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Cancel your ride if the car pulls up with a passenger in the front seat and the driver says it’s just a friend on a “ride-a-long”. This is against rideshare company policies. And even if it wasn’t, it’s not agood idea, two against one are some terrible odds for you.


6. Don’t Just Rush into The Car

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Always double check the car’s make, color, model, and driver’s photo, especially if you’re in a crowded location or in a hurry. Ask the driver who they are picking up before you say your name. These mistakes have gotten women killed.


7. Don’t Stand On The Street Alone

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A predator’s dream target is a woman standing alone, waiting for a rideshare close to the street and glued to her phone. Predators like easy prey and this scenario makes you look like a soft target, or easy prey for someone to grab your purse or pull you into a vehicle. Stand inside a building, if possible or close to a building, if one is nearby.


8. Don’t Flirt Back

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If the driver begins using suggestive language, plan to exit the car as soon as possible. This is red flag behavior against rideshare regulations and should be reported via the app to the rideshare company immediately.


9. Don’t Get into A Car You Didn’t Call

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This is a tactic of predators. Never get in. They drive around areas that are frequented by people waiting to be picked up by rideshares and try to lure someone in. They claim their ride didn’t show up so they’re available immediately. 


10. Don’t Argue with The Driver

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 If the driver is being rude or argumentative, that’s also your cue to get out as so as safely possible. You don’t know what kind of temperament that person has and you don’t want to be round them any longer to find out. Report them on the app immediately.


Women can be reluctant to confront a driver if they feel uncomfortable. This is a mistake. If you feel that something is off, it probably is. Listen to your instincts or Safety Intuition, trust yourself and stay safe!


You can find much more women’s safety advice in their book, Street Smart Safety For Women: Your Guide To Defensive Living.

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Laura Frombach was introduced to technology in the U.S. Army working on Pershing nuclear missiles. Having spent much of her career as a technologist and engineer with IBM, HP, FedEx, Coca Cola Enterprises, Lenovo and others. A turning point in Laura’s life was the ‘aha’ moment when she correlated her mother’s mental illness to domestic violence. She is now the co-author of Street Smart Safety for Women: Your Guide to Defensive Living (Health Communications Inc, an imprint of Simon & Schuster / October 3, 2023 / $17.95) and advocates for local domestic violence shelters. Laura was one of the featured speakers at the TEDx Eustis conference and speaks on women’s safety. Laura is an avid reader and fitness enthusiast, loves comedy and spiritual topics (not in that order, just in case...). She has been working on personal growth since the sixth grade. Joy Farrow is a retired Deputy Sheriff with twenty-eight years of experience and the co-author of Street Smart Safety for Women: Your Guide to Defensive Living (Health Communications Inc, an imprint of Simon & Schuster / October 3, 2023 / $17.95). She worked road patrol in Pompano Beach, FL, and faced every situation imaginable. After the 9/11 tragedy, Joy transferred to the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Int’l Airport with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to focus on the safety of air travelers. In 2017, Joy assisted with the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Airport. She has received numerous letters of commendations & several lifesaving awards. Joy was one of the featured speakers at the TEDx Eustis conference and speaks on women’s safety. Joy is a walking encyclopedia of murder and crime topics; an avid personal fitness enthusiast, enjoys stand-up comedy and has done a couple of open mic nights!