Six Secrets to Hack Luxury Getaways Using Amex Points

TikTok is full of great advice, including ways to hack luxury travel. Check out these six secret luxury hacks that we found on TikTok!

American Express Membership Rewards is a powerful program that has racked up 1.5 million views on TikTok from savvy members looking at how to get the best value from their points.

Six Secret Ways

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From airline tickets to everyday shopping essentials, Finance Experts at Merchant Cash analyzed the most viewed TikTok hacks and listed six secret ways you can spend 100,000 AMEX reward points to get the best value.

Check the Best Cent per Point

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There are various ways to redeem your AMEX points, and this TikTok by maxmilespoints has been viewed 17,000 times by savvy shoppers looking to get the best value. Max shares that the best way to redeem points is to check for the best value CPP (cent per point), and he reveals that cashback will give you the worst value.

Although you can turn your points into cash, this offers the worst exchange rate, so a better idea is to use them for flights, increasing their value if you put them towards business class.


Book Flights Across Three Major Airline Alliances

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American Express has an impressive list of airline partners enabling you to use your points, putting them towards almost any flight you choose. TikToker ecommjess shared a TikTok describing how you can access all three major alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam). You can also book flights with airlines that don’t belong to an alliance, such as Emirates first class.


Access Free Car Rentals

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Arrive in style by using your points towards a rental car, as discovered by TikToker nickkalstek whose video has nearly 6,000 views displaying how to rent a premium car using your Amex points.

Simply head to the app or website and look at the ‘Benefits’ section. The ‘Premium Car Rental Status’ will allow you to enroll, the number of points needed to use will differ, but you can get your hands on a BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 Avant, or Mercedes E Class for up to a week (including free miles).


Buy Gift Cards or Pay With Points

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You can use your points to pay for your shopping across your favorite brands, allowing you access to purchase almost anything you like, as shared by TikToker titsandtraveltips.

From day-to-day essentials at places such as Aldi and Boots to more luxurious purchases from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, you can choose whether you put your AMEX reward points towards your basics or fancy a special treat. To redeem your points, a TikTok video with 2,386 views has explained how to simply pay with them at the checkout or purchase gift cards.


Stay in Premium Hotel Rooms

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Transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points towards your accommodation next time you’re on your travels, ensuring you have a comfy bed ahead of you, as publicized by jaidenrabatin, gaining 1,159 views.

AMEX has three hotel partners: Choice Hotels, Hilton, and Marriott, which are widely available across different countries for your convenience. The secret hack reveals that looking at the ‘Rewards’ section and then under ‘Transfer Points To A Loyalty Program’ and selecting your hotel of choice.


Upgrade Your Hotel Room

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As well as staying in luxurious hotels, you can utilize your AMEX points to upgrade your hotel room. In this video shared by hello.nickeyy, her pro tip reveals you can get free hotel upgrades by booking through AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts. This secret hack is based on availability per hotel, but it is worth using your AMEX points for upgrading to a better room.

Live your best life and enjoy a premium traveling experience with these hacks!

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