6 Shopping Tips for Bad Gift Givers

Gift-giving isn’t everyone’s love language, and it’s okay if it isn’t yours! We have six fantastic and easy-to-follow tips to turn your reputation for being a below-average gift giver around!


1. Listen Up

Have you ever received a gift that seemed completely unrelated to your interests? Chances are, the giver didn’t take the time to really understand what you like. Pay attention to your recipient’s interests and needs to avoid making the same mistake. Listening and observing can provide valuable clues to what you should buy or where to shop. For example, if your friend loves cooking, a high-quality kitchen gadget or a cookbook by their favorite chef could be perfect for them.

2. Get Personal

Personalized gifts show that you’ve put extra thought into your selection. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money; even small touches can make a big difference. For example, you could create a photo album filled with shared memories or engrave a piece of jewelry with their initials. Or if you don’t want to get that specific, buy something that’s in their favorite color or from their favorite store. Personalization adds a unique touch that can turn an ordinary item into the greatest gift ever.

3. Ask For Help

Don’t hesitate to reach out to mutual friends for advice on how to shop for this person. It’s best to chat with someone you can trust so they don’t spill the metaphorical beans and someone who knows the person well enough to give you decent enough advice. People close to them could even give you specific items to shop for: a godsend for the lousy gift giver!

4. Try Experiences, Not Things

Much gift-giving stress comes from not knowing what kind of THINGS people like. But think about what the person likes to do, and you might find your shopping easier! Experiences can often be more meaningful than material gifts, and the memories they have can provide joy long after the event has passed. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Stick to a Budget

Putting constraints on yourself can help you hone in on shopping for a sure thing or at a specific place. It can also eliminate the stress of gift giving: if you set a precedent for how much you can spend, you won’t worry about spending “enough”—you spent within your budget! And if money is the object, remember that thoughtfully made gifts are just as good as something expensive if you do it with love and care for the person!

6. Consider the Person’s Lifestyle 

Everyone has a unique lifestyle, and the best gifts seamlessly fit into the recipient’s day-to-day life. Consider what might make their life easier or more enjoyable. If they’re busy professionals, for example, a subscription to a meal kit service could save them so much time and effort.

Reflect on how your gift can enhance their lifestyle; you’ll be more likely to pick something they’ll love and use. It’ll seem even more thoughtful and unexpected, which are fantastic qualities to have as a gift giver!

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