Allowance Alternatives To Teach Kids About Money

allowance alternative

Providing an allowance to your child is a great way to teach reliability, responsibility, and financial literacy. Using creative allowance alternatives to teach kids about money management is a valuable tool that will lay the foundation for budgeting, financial planning, … Read More

7 Ways to Save Money as a Teenager

teenager saving money

You don’t need to wait until you are an adult to save money! Instead, you can start to save money as a teenager to pay for the things you want and to get a handle on your financial future.  While … Read More

21 Awesome Birthday Freebies You Can Snag

birthday freebies

In most people’s minds, birthdays are some of the most special occasions worth celebrating in our lives, and what better way than with gifts! If you’re a financially savvy consumer, you may be wondering if this is a chance to … Read More