14 Tips for Saving Money on Back to School Shopping


Back-to-school shopping can be hard to pull off when you’re on a budget. With so many school supplies out there, back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming or stressful!


Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over the best ways to save money on back-to-school supplies. Your wallet will thank you!


1. Create and Prioritize Your List of Back-to-School Shopping Needs


What’s the best way to avoid spending unnecessary money while back-to-school shopping? Create a school shopping list and prioritize your school essentials!


2. Make a Back-to-School Budget


It’s important to have a back-to-school budget ready in time for the new school year! A budget will help you choose the back to school items that are right for you and your kid.


3. Save On Clothing by Seeing What You Already Have


Before you rush to all your favorite stores, open up your dresser drawers at home! You don’t need to buy everything new. See what clothes you have that’s in good, reusable condition.


4. Shop Online First

Shopping online can help you find incredible deals! Many retailers offer discounts online that aren’t available in-store. Shop your school supply list online to save big!


5. Shop for Used Items


Just because it’s used, doesn’t mean it’s in bad condition. Social media sites like Facebook Marketplace offer used school supplies for cheap! Consider purchasing used backpacks, textbooks, and more to save money.


6. Look for Coupons


Using reliable coupons is a great way to save money on back to school supplies. You can find several coupon codes and cashback opportunities on these handy websites:


  • CouponCabin
  • RetailMeNot
  • Rakuten
  • Honey

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7. Buy In Bulk


Consider buying your school supply list in bulk, to reduce costs and improve long-term efficiency. Stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club are popular places to buy in bulk.


8. Buy Generic Brands


Not everything needs to be name-brand! Buying school supplies in generic brands is a guaranteed way to save money.


9. Shop Without Your Kids


Kids love coming shopping, but sometimes bringing them along can lead to pricier shopping decisions. To avoid shopping in excess, leave the kids at home. They’ll forgive you when they see everything you got for them!


10. Buy Supplies That Will Last Longer


Quality over quantity, right? Buy long-lasting supplies from trusted retailers to save money in the long-term. Stores like Best Buy and Office Depot are known for their reliable tech products.


11. Shop During Tax-Free Weekends


Shop during tax-free weekends to save on extra fees! Sales tax holidays vary based on what state you’re in. However, they often take place near the beginning of the K-12 school year or semester.


12. Download Apps to Your Favorite Stores


Downloading apps to your favorite stores is a fun way to rack up rewards and discounts. Popular retailers such as Old Navy and Children’s Place are known for their valuable discounts.


13. Use the Dollar Store for Some Back-to-School Shopping.


Don’t overlook the dollar store when you’re back-to-school shopping! The dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on essentials. Think: pencils and pens, notebooks, staples, etc.


14. See What Supplies You Already Have.


Before you head out shopping, make sure to see what supplies you already have at home. Dig through that junk drawer and find some reusable hidden treasures!


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