Ok Boomer! 21 Millennials Share Their Most Painfully Boomer Take

Boomers! You are not all wrong! While “boomer takes” get a bad rap a lot of the time, some of the younger generations actually agree with you on some things! 21 Millennials Share The “Boomer” takes they actually agree with.

Boomers and Millennials

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Think boomers and millennials are always at odds? Think again. Despite their reputation for clashing on everything from politics to pop culture, there are actually some surprising areas where these two generations are seeing eye to eye. In fact, millennials are embracing some of the same opinions and perspectives that their boomer counterparts have held for decades. Here are 21 boomer takes that millennials can’t help but agree with.

Boomer Takes

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Someone asked, “What’s your most painfully boomer take?” and the responses were controversial and funny.

Here are some of the bad ones.

Answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.  

Music Is Bad These Days

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The OP started off with a very boomer take. They said, “Music is bad these days. Like, really bad, and unoriginal, and bland, and soulless. The internet has flooded kids with every song, style, and genre in history and as such has overwhelmed their creativity, especially given that limitations on inspiration and exposure to different styles were actually once fertile grounds for creativity and originality.”

Virtual Communities Aren’t Real

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“People who take virtual communities seriously and insist that they provide genuine social connection are wrong,” someone wrote.

Another added, “Discord is so awful. Like, the UI is so ugly ( I know it’s not, but it just looks like s*** to me). Like, I don’t understand how people can talk and message for hours on that. Wouldn’t people prefer to see face to face at some cafe or go for a walk or anything?”

Younger People Have a Low Sense of Agency

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One person answered, “A lot of younger people seem to have a really poor sense of will and don’t seem to want to develop a sense of agency for themselves. I can’t entirely blame them if it’s a reaction to being denied agency in other aspects of life (especially economically) but the tendency for so many to slide into a defeatist victim mentality as the default response to adversity can be really frustrating to witness.”

Smartphones Are Bad

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One person wrote, “Smartphones aren’t good for us. They’ve destroyed like… everything about being a human being.”

Another added, “There is nothing worse than walking into a restaurant and seeing people at the same table with their faces stuck in their phones.”

Helicopter Parenting Runied Kids

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“Helicopter parenting has ruined kids,” someone replied.

Someone added, “Very few helicopter parents think they are one, just like overly woke people don’t think they are. There is always crazier people they will point to.”

Don’t Use Phone When Outside

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“You should get off your phone when you’re outside with your dog or family. I have a very old dog who I love to walk on very long (slow) walks, and I’m always amused—and then frustrated—at the constant millennials and zoomers who are buried in their phones as they walk down the sidewalk. Even worse, when they have a dog with them, they are always standing there looking at something that undoubtedly can wait 10 minutes or an hour while the dog looks up like, ‘hey, man, can we walk now? What are you doing?'” one person complained.

Parents Don’t Let Their Kids Outside Enough

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“Parents don’t let their kids play outside near enough. I was a zoomer, but my Mum let me play outside unsupervised a lot. I was also lucky enough to live in an area that, despite being urban/suburban, had a lot of undeveloped areas to play with nature in. A big problem is there isn’t really much of an “outside” for many kids today that’s accessible without a car,” someone wrote.

It’s Illegal

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Someone wrote, “A big reason for helicopter parenting and keeping kids indoors is that many old school “hands-off” parenting techniques will get either the cops or child protective services called on you, not to mention the social shaming if the local news gets ahold of the story. A quick google search will yield many examples, in areas urban, rural and suburban, of people being charged with child endangerment for letting their child walk home from the bus stop unattended.”

The Younger Generation Is Lazy

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Someone wrote, “I saw a Gen Z posting about how they don’t want to go one state over to buy a car that’s thousands cheaper (which is exactly what I did when I was their age for my first car), and then I thought to myself, unironically, “the next generation is lazy.”

Phone Calls Are Better Than Texting

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Someone shared their painfully boomer take, “Phones call are preferable to texting in many situations.”

Someone added, “yeah, if I wanna talk back and forth, it’s better to call. Texting is supposed to be a convenience thing that you do on your own time.”

It Really Is the Avocado Toast

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Someone answered, “I read a fascinating article in the economist (peak neolib ik ik) about the spending habits of zoomers. They are by a decent margin the most narcissistic generation yet. Putting a large emphasis on the purchase of luxury products, eating out, travel etc. They on average buy their first designer item (gucci, LV etc) at age 17 as compared to 20 for millennials and 25 for gen X (approximately). So the avocado toast meme is actually kind of true lol.”

Tattoos Are Stupid

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“Never had anyone react well to this but tattoos in American culture are stupid and look like dog*** 99% of the time. I make some exceptions for tattoos that have real artistic or cultural merit (yakuza/actual tribal tats), but memorializing some pop culture reference on ur skin is r*****,” someone wrote.

“This is my favorite boomer take,” one person agreed.

Be More Respectful

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“Kids and teens should be more respectful towards their elders,” one person wrote.

Young Kids Should Spend Time With Older Folks

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One person replied, “Corollary that I unironically suggest: young people should spend more time with the elderly/people their parent’s age besides relatives.”

Age Gap Discourse

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“Age gap discourse” is poisoning the well for intergenerational communication” he continued,  “If you’re a young man or woman with few or little friends, there is nothing wrong in trying to make friends with older people who will probably be delighted that you want to socialize with them. Having friends that are older than you is immensely beneficial for your development and mental health; if you’re 20-something freaking out about a relationship or a problem at work, your older friend has probably seen the same thing a thousand times before and can give you some perspective.

Poor People Have Bad Money Management

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Someone wrote, “A lot of poor people have terrible money management. They’d still be poor if they didn’t of course but seeing people in East London trying to buy cigarettes with (our equivalent of) food stamps while buying lottery tickets and red bull + crisps for sustenance really drained my sympathy for some.”

Get Over Yourself

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“Get over yourself,” one person ranted, “Everybody goes through some kind of trauma; life isn’t perfect for anyone. Insisting on portraying yourself as a victim is not only self-indulgent, it will only make you more unhappy and resentful. Also, very controversial take here, but I find the discourse around the “plight” of American minorities to be insufferable and exaggerated. I’m a gay man in the middle east and don’t even complain half as much.”

Digital Is Bad

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“Digital cinematography has had a disastrous effect on film. Not only does digital look objectively more ugly compared to film, but being able to shoot infinite takes and angles without any extra cost has created undisciplined craftsmanship, where creative decisions are made just because they can and because ‘it looks cool,'” someone wrote.

The Internet Has Taken on a Life of Its Own

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Someone wrote something that definitely is worth thinking about, “This might not be boomer, but the internet has taken a life of its own that we do not fully understand, and neither do our tech overlords, and the algorithms built by these monsters has utterly destroyed humanity for the future. I can’t imagine what it’s like being a young teen in this country. Every message you see from “art,” news, and information are either soy-facing goons saying they spent 10 million dollars for a bouncy house to play hide and seek in or its {adult}. Everything is funneling you down two very dark roads and they’re both for the consumption of audiences. ”

Movies Are Trash

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“But most movies made and released these days are mediocre to complete s***, and I completely agree with Martin Scorsese’s take on how MCU/superhero movies are ruining the movie industry,” someone answered,

“They are the fast food of movies, and because people have been so over fed with them, they rush to blindly defend their trash because not only is that all they know, but given how many of them are addicted to social media (TikTok especially) they don’t have the attention span or the brain capacity to understand and comprehend movies worthy of being called art.”

Hard Work Leads to Success

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One person shared their opinion based on their life experience, “I have to hold myself back from sliding fully into bootstrap mentality.”

“Both for myself and for family, friends, acquaintances, and more (from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances): the correlation between hard work and success is pretty strong. obviously different people start at different places, and so someone with a s**** start than someone else might not make it as far, despite working harder. But I’ve never seen someone do everything right and completely fail, nor someone skate by unscathed through multiple {mistakes}. I know those things must happen and I’m weird for not having encountered them. But it does seem like the overarching cultural narrative amongst my peers has gone too far towards “everything is a  {random} and/or predetermined.”

One Parent Needs To Stay Home

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“Low-wage workers, social media, and tablet devices raise our children now. Instead of real food, we shovel garbage and processed food into them. The vast majority of parents are fat, depressed, worn out, and have no clue how to even communicate with their own kids,” someone wrote.

“Yeah, having two partners work for 40 hours a week while raising kids doesn’t work. Either one of them has to stay home/work part-time, or workweeks need to be shortened to 30 hours for everyone,” another added.

People Should Dress Better

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“Being dressed like a slob for university lectures or everyday life is kind of demoralising (saying this as someone who did attend lectures in his pajamas). People should take pride in their appearance and dress better, especially since nobody can read minds and your external appearance is how you will be judged at first sight by everyone else in public,” someone said.

Boomer Takes

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