20 Most Ridiculous College Major People Have Ever Heard Of

Oh man, have you ever heard about those totally foolish college majors? From puppetry to outdoor activities majors, have you ever wondered what on earth some people are thinking when they pick their majors?

One Redditor asked, “What is the most ridiculous college major you’ve ever heard of?” Many users commented on this post, and we have compiled the top 20 ridiculous college majors for you!

1. Political Economy of Newly Industrialized Societies

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Come on, who wants to spend their precious college years dissecting the economic and political systems of countries that just got their acts together?

A discerning Reddit user commented, “My school offered a major in Political Economy of Newly Industrialized Societies, but eventually realized the acronym and changed the name. Pity. I hope some were able to get their degrees with a concentration in ykw.”

Someone else added, “There’s no way the creator of that acronym didn’t know what they were doing.”

2. World Domination

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Someone commented, “IIRC, like 20 years ago some college in Indiana offered a major in World Domination”

Another joked, “You can only get a job as a henchman with a BS. You need a full PhD to be an evil mastermind.”

Seriously, though, who dreams of ruling the world? I guess some people have bigger ambitions than the rest of us.

3. Frisbee

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Sure, it’s a fun game to play at the park with your buddies, but majoring in it? Is there a secret technique to throwing a frisbee that we don’t know about? Maybe they have lectures on the aerodynamics of frisbees. Who knows?

One Redditor wrote, “Frisbee. A friend’s roommate at Amherst was in some kind of “create your own major” thing and chose frisbee. His family had money and college was just a formality.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Sounds like your friend brought his dog to college to live with him and doubled down and signed him up for classes.”

4. General Studies

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Now, General Studies. What even is that? It sounds like a major for people who couldn’t decide what they wanted to study, so they just picked a little bit of everything. One Redditor stated, “Ph.D. in general studies.”

Another person pitched in to say, “I have a friend with this degree. The thing about it is that colleges usually offer this if you’ve changed up your degree too many times, and it’s difficult to grab a degree in something specific.

My friend was in college for 5 years and changed majors 3 times. If he wanted a full degree in something, he would’ve had to do another 2-3 years. So they offered him a “general studies” degree in its place so he can graduate.”

5. Outdoor Activities

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A Reddit user wrote, “An old friend has a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Activities. He was never able to explain exactly what that meant, though.”

Someone else added, “Came here totally prepared to see my degree, Outdoor Activities, listed. This sounds like basically the same thing. Our studies revolved around land management agencies, facility design/ management for outdoor activities or sports, adventure education, experiential education, and a handful of models pertaining to design and feedback loops. Truly, I’m surprised I remember that much.”

Doesn’t it sound like an excuse to spend all your time hiking and camping?

6. Recreation Studies

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Someone commented, “A guy I know majored in Recreation.”

Another user replied, “When I was there, my college had one of the top Parks Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) programs in the country. It had the nickname “Party Right Through May.””

But hey, maybe there’s some secret science to having a good time that the rest of us aren’t aware of.

7. Leisure Studies

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Who needs a degree to learn how to have fun, right? It’s like majoring in breathing or sleeping – something you do naturally!

A discerning Reddit user commented, “When I was in uni my friend dated a guy who was majoring in leisure studies. I used to joke that leisure studies is a 4-year program, but if you’re good enough at it, you can do it in 6.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “A few schools in Colorado have degrees like this that teach you everything you need to know to start and run your own business for ski instructors, river rafting guides, campgrounds, etc.”

8. Adventure Guide Tourism

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Traveling is awesome, but do you really need a whole major to learn how to guide people on hikes and zip-lining adventures?

A Reddit user wrote, “At a school near me, there is a program in Adventure Guide Tourism.”

Someone else added, “I went there! Not for adventure guiding, but a lot of people from far away were super confused about my engineering program because they thought it was just a school for tourism.”

9. Golf Course

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Now, don’t get us wrong, golf is a classy sport and all, but dedicating four years of your life to learning how to maintain a golf course?

Someone commented, “Golf. It was made so the Vice Chancellor could buy a private golf course for the university, so he could play on it. I believe it had 5 enrollments ever, and one was a joke that didn’t show up or pay. It got canceled the first year, but he got to enjoy his own personal golf course for some years after”

Another person pitched in to say, “My Alma Matter has (an apparently well-respected) Golf Course Management major. I’ll let you take a guess at the demographic breakdown of that class.”

10. Interdisciplinary Studies

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One Redditor stated, “My university had an Interdisciplinary Studies department that served mainly to get super duper seniors graduated. They would cobble together the random credits people got because they changed majors every semester into a “degree.” You get some wild majors like a BA in Culinary Traditions and Music in the Former British Empire.”

Another user replied, “I have a friend who ended up graduating like this, he has a degree in French business because he had a ton of French language credits and business school credits but not enough to graduate with either as a stand-alone degree.”

Is it a major for people who can’t decide what they want to do, so they decide to do a little bit of everything?

11. Pirates

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Yep, you heard us right, Pirates! Now, we don’t know about you, but we always thought being a pirate was more of a career choice for Johnny Depp than a college major.

A Reddit user wrote, “At MIT, you can be certified in being a pirate if you complete the courses of pistol, archery, sailing, and fencing.”

Someone else added, “Now I’m picturing a stand-off between 2 ships, one of them going, ‘You’re not a pirate! Get off the sea! Everyone knows Yale doesn’t have Piracy programs!’ And the other guy going, ‘I said MIT you idiot! I graduated with honors!! I know what I’m doing! Top 5% yo!’”

12. Puppetry

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Puppet shows can be pretty entertaining, especially when you’re a kid. But dedicating your college years to mastering the art of making inanimate objects talk? It’s like majoring in talking to your stuffed animals

Someone commented, “Puppetry. You can become a doctor of puppetry at UConn”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Doctorates are often heavily based in theory, so a Ph.D. in puppetry likely has less to do with being really good at puppets and is more akin to being an anthropologist with a specialty in understanding historical and cultural practices through the view of their puppets.”

13. Post-medieval Russian Music

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Then there’s Post-Medieval Russian Music. You can almost hear it now – the soothing sounds of balalaikas and accordions filling the air. But really, is there a huge demand for experts in music from a specific, post-medieval era of a particular country?

A discerning Reddit user commented, “An old friend majored in post-medieval Russian music, which is a field that can only lead back into academia.”

Another person pitched in to say, “*gets contacted by the CIA to pose as part of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra so he can get in close to Putin.”

14. E-sports

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E-sports is the world where virtual warriors battle it out in digital arenas.

One Redditor stated, “Wasn’t there a school that ended up doing an e-sports degree? Guess if you wanted to start a league or team, it would be nice, but kids just joining to “get good” is not good, lol.”

Someone else added, “My nephew at UConn is majoring in eSports. He claims it is all about managing teams, marketing them, and setting up opportunities. He can really sell it, but I’m still not sure I believe him.”

15. University Studies

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Wait, what? Isn’t that a bit redundant? It’s like majoring in, well, going to college. One Redditor wrote, “North Carolina State made a degree for a basketball player in University studies.”

Another user replied, “Yeah. I mean, what in the world do you study there? I’m an English major, so I am used to hearing my degree get maligned a lot, but bruh, what even is University studies.”

16. Nordic Lesbianism

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Someone commented, “My college briefly had a major in Nordic Lesbianism.”

Another user added, “I’ve read many of the responses on here where most of them weren’t ridiculous imo but you gave the best one!”

Do they have classes on mastering the art of Viking romance? It sounds like the kind of major you’d stumble upon in the weirdest corner of the internet, but hey, love knows no boundaries, right?

17. Influencer

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A Reddit user wrote, “That new “Influencer” degree in Ireland. My generation keeps disappointing me…”

Another person pitched in to say, “A big part of being an influencer is being attractive. That’s not required, but you have to be talented at something and very likable if you don’t have the looks. Idk how a school would go about teaching that”

Can you imagine a classroom where the syllabus includes lessons on taking the perfect selfie, mastering hashtags, and creating viral TikToks?

18. Peace Studies

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Peace Studies – now, don’t get us wrong, peace is great. We all want world peace and harmony, but do you really need a degree to study it?

One Redditor stated, “Peace Studies. She works part-time in a coffee shop. For the last 8 years.”

Someone else added, “I knew a guy who did peace studies. He was the head of food and beverage at what he described as the “second most prestigious Jewish boarding school in Beverly Hills”. I think he owns a pizza shop in San Bernardino now.”

19. Tea Making

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Tea Making. Yep, you heard that right. There are people out there dedicating their college years to the fine art of making tea.

Someone commented, “Not sure if still available, but in Japan, you could get a degree in making tea. Admittedly the whole traditional process is very much like a dance or performance rather than just boiling the kettle and using a teabag, but when I first heard of it, I was like, wtf, kids these days.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “It’s called Chado! There are different types/schools, but the main teachings of it descend from a man in the 1500s. A VERY simplified explanation of it is it is an expression of Buddhism through practicing tea ceremonies.”

20. Animal Psychology

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Cat psychology. My college had a hippie offshoot, and the rumor was my year, a gal graduated with a degree in cat psychology.”

Someone else added, “I watched an episode of House Hunters or something where the woman was working on her Ph.D. in Dog Psychology, and the guy was a chef nowhere notable… they were looking for a vacation home in Philadelphia with a half-million dollar budget.”

We suppose someone has to figure out why cats knock things off tables and why dogs think their own tails are mortal enemies!

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