14 Most Egregious Displays of Wealth

Have you ever come across people who love to flaunt their wealth? You can easily tell they have come into money from the way they look, the way they dress, what they eat, what they drive, where they live, and the outrageous things they spend their money on.

Wealthy people rarely show off their wealth. They prefer remaining anonymous and behind the scenes. The nouveau riche, on the other hand, loves to be loud, boisterous, and visible. Here are great examples of the most egregious displays of wealth.

Paying Someone To Wake You up in the Morning

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A famous old pop star has someone on payroll to open the curtains of his bedroom in the mornings, put on classical music, and gently wake him up for the day.

Buying a Yacht as a Support Vessel for Your Yacht

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When you do not want your precious toys to occupy space with you in your yacht, you buy another yacht to follow you around and stuff it with these toys. We are talking about vintage cars, extraordinary artwork, and other collections only the super-rich can afford to own.

Anonymously Buying Breakfast for Everyone in Town

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One folk was so impressed by the breakfast options he had in a local mom-and-pop shop that he decided to buy breakfast for everyone in town for a week. The catch was they could never reveal to anyone who he was, and not they could not create hype about it. He spent over $100k covering any potential loss and tips the waitresses would have received.

Replace an $80,000 Steel Staircase Because It Is Too Steep

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A custom metal worker once did the penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, off Central Park. The floors were made of titanium plates. The wife had a massive library and wanted the workers to build a rolling staircase that would be easy for an old person to move. They did so and delivered. When she saw the staircase, she remarked that it was too steep and asked them to build another one. She spent another $80,000 on the new staircase and was happy with the outcome.

Tipping Guides $3000 Apiece

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A Saudi prince once visited a resort in Hawaii for zip lining. Any time someone helped this prince out, he would instruct his assistant to count dollar bills and give them away. The guides received $3000 per person.

A $250,000 Backdrop Wall

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Another metal worker here made a $250,000 anodized aluminum wall to act merely as a backdrop for the owner’s Brancusi sculpture.

$100K for Parking Tickets

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One wealthy man could not get a parking ticket to park in front of his house. Since he was wealthy, he simply parked there anyway and let them charge him $100/day. One day, he needed a new license to travel promptly. At the DMV, they told him he had to pay $100 in back parking tickets. He simply whipped out his card.

Send a Private Boeing 737 To Pick up the Family Dog

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Imagine this: you are working in a lesser-used airport, and a Boeing 737 lands. The ground crew puts some luggage into the plane, and another person walks a dog inside and steps out. Turns out that the plane had been set by its wealthy owners to pick up the dog.

Buy a Mercedes for Use for 3 Days

Istanbul, Turkey- May 12 2022: Mercedes EQS is a battery electric full size luxury liftback produced by the German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Group AG.
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A Saudi loyalty shows up in town for a meeting. In tow is his son, who is in his 20s. Since the son is not involved in the meeting, he has three days to kill. What to do? He walked into the Mercedes garage and bought a brand new SLK Mercedes with all the options in cash for use during these three days. When they flew back in their private jet, he left the car in the car park with keys inside.

Lose $5-$10K Just To Send a Message

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A man wearing rugged clothing walked into the yard inquiring about a boat. The owner judged him by the clothes he wore and tried to sell him one of the junk fishing boats he had. The guy became angry, walked right over to another seller, and bought two boats at $50k each right in front of the first seller. He sold one later and lost about $10k. The message was clear.

Build a Replica House for Peace of Mind

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A hedge fund manager owns two houses – one in the Hamptons and another in Long Island. He had both houses built exactly the same, including all the fixtures – down to the minute details. He says this makes it easier for the family to live well without thinking much about it.

I Do Not Work in Case We Need To Go on Holiday

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Imagine being married to a family so wealthy they do not allow you to work in case ‘you need to go on a holiday’.

Does Your House Have a Better View Than Ours? Here’s $2M, Get Out

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Someone bought their neighbor’s house because it had a better view than theirs, but they still maintained their house for ‘storing things’.

Spend 58 Million Euros To Buy a Hotel and Forget About It

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A couple spent some time in a hotel while on holiday in Milan. They were so impressed by this hotel that upon checking out, they asked the manager to contact the owners and see if they would sell. She bought the hotel for 56 million euros in 2018. Since then, she has never stepped into the hotel and forgotten its name.

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