12 Frugal Living Clichés That Make Absolutely Zero Sense

Some media clichés are okay, while others drive frugal lifestylists crazy. A member of the frugal community on Reddit wanted to know what kind of media clichés others loathe. According to her, buying dozens of pregnancy test kits just because one fears being pregnant does not make financial sense to her.

Others chipped in on this discussion, and we have sampled some of the best media clichés that hurt people’s frugal hearts here.

1. House Renovations Before Moving In

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One user said, “The notion that you must gut and reno the whole house before you move in rather than just saving up and slowly tackling one project at a time. People have no emergency fund or college savings for their kids, but they have marble countertops.”

2. Want To Hang Out With Friends? You Better Be Loaded!

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“I don’t like the message that to hang out with friends; you need fancy food, expensive plates, alcohol, and overabundance. Some of my favorite times with friends have been pot-luck casual times,” noted another user.

3. Changing Fashion Trends

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One user does not like how fast fashion trends change, “The whole fashion industry promoting “in” and “out” styles that you constantly have to change for every season. So many articles of clothing are worn just a few times, then thrown away or dumped at a Goodwill. I love looking at the creativity and talent of certain designers (Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen), but not the whole People magazine “cardigans are out, blazers are in!! mentality.”

4. Wasting Food Is Fun!

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One user wonders why one would throw away good food for no reason, “Same with that thing where they show a cop buying food to-go, then the cop gets a call on the radio, and the meal they LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT goes straight into the nearest trash can. Seriously? You’ll get there just as fast with the bagged meal sitting next to you. It might be cold by the time you get around to eating it, but there’s no reason to throw it out.”

5. Trashing Your Room When Upset

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A user points out that the destruction popularized by cliché is very expensive to fix, “Trashing your room when you are upset. Even punching drywall costs a small but substantial amount of money and effort to fix. And in the media, we see people throwing their iPhone pro max at their 85-inch Sony TV…”

6. Buying People Animals as Gifts or for Apologies

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“Randomly buying people animals as gifts or apologies (ex: puppies, birds.) Not only is an animal a HUGE responsibility day to day, but caring for them requires a huge financial commitment for the rest of the animals’ life. Food, bedding, healthcare — animals are living things, not accessories!” argues one user.

7. Got Kids? You Must Have a Brand-New Minivan or SUV

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Another user has a problem with the cliché that dictates what car people with families must drive, “The myth that if you have kids, you need a huge brand new SUV or minivan because a car older than 3 years old is “unsafe” and a regular sedan is “too small.” My parents managed 3 kids with a Corolla for a long time.”

8. Space Costs Money

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One user points out a discrepancy, “Poor” people on TV who live in giant apartments that I sure couldn’t afford. Like when they portray characters as absolutely broke, but then they have these massive well-stocked apartments for a single person. Space costs money!”

9. Being Frugal Is Not Attractive

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“Just general how being frugal is portrayed as a negative trait. Ranging from Scrooge McDuck, to a date being perceived as unattractive for pointing out wasteful expenses. “she wants to do something fun and crazy, but the boyfriend had to ruin the fun by telling her they cannot afford a spontaneous trip to Hawaii”,” notes another user.

10. If He Doesn’t Buy Her a Diamond He Doesn’t Love Her Enough

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Another user was infuriated at this cliché saying, “Every Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, they run commercials about buying your wife a diamond from (insert name) jewelry store as if you don’t love her enough unless you buy her a diamond. Although they are beautiful, diamonds are seriously overrated.”

11. Tearing Into the Bush in a Brand New $50,000 SUV

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“People tearing up the freakin’ wilderness in their brand new $50,000+ four-wheel drive vehicle,” quipped another user. Save your nice wheels for the paved road!

12. Out-Of-This-World Weddings

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One user pointed out that weddings have become extremely expensive, “Weddings! Everything about them has become expensive, overblown, and completely unnecessary. Yes, a wedding is a big landmark event, but back in the day, a church wedding followed by cake and punch or a simple dinner in the church basement was considered sufficient.”

13. You Need Expensive Pregnancy Test Kits

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“So, the dollar store pregnancy tests work just as well as the digital pregnancy test, which works just as well as the ones they use at the doctors’ office, which work just as well as the 100 pack of test strips you can buy for $10 on Amazon,” another person noted.

14. Branded Clothes Are Better

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A user refuted this, saying, “Branded clothes in general. I bought myself a new cotton Shirt for 2.30€, and it felt so much better than getting some low-quality rag with GUCCI imprinted on it for x300 the price.”

15. Paying With Cash Is a Huge Inconvenience

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“This is from old debit/credit card commercials, and they worked! I clearly remember the ad campaign where they depicted everyone in line paying with some easy swipe card, then one person pays with cash, and everyone frowns at them and acts like it’s a big inconvenience {long sigh},” another user pointed out.

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