Breaking Free From a Poverty Mindset

Poverty Mindset

What is a poverty mindset? How do you break free from your poverty mindset and switch to an abundance mindset? If you live in actual poverty, can you ever be¬†successful¬†and have a change of perspective? Breaking free from a poverty … Read More

Best Books for Women By Women

best books for women

In honor of International Women’s Day, I have put together the Best Books for Women By Women for you to read today! I think it is important to celebrate women creators, and you can do that by purchasing one of … Read More

34 Best Money Books for Teens and Young Adults

Best Money Books for Teens

Learning about all money topics: budgeting, saving, working, investing, retirement, and much more begins at a young age. When kids are young, it is important to introduce them to money: how it works and what it is for. As kids … Read More

Should We Talk About Shame and Money?

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Should we talk about money and shame? Yes, we should. We need to have this conversation and we need to have it now. Shame is something we all experience and something that has become a problem in our culture. We … Read More