How to Have a Balanced Approach to Money

Balanced Approach

Money is a tricky topic. On the one hand, money is power, but on the other hand, money is not the goal. It can be challenging to have a balanced approach to money.  Money is one of those things that … Read More

Taking a Break from Frugality

Throwing Frugality out the Window

When its time to stop obsessing and just let it be

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Man plans and G-D laughs.

I had a good plan for how to handle my maternity leave. I prepared and strategized based on my experience with my last two kids.

This time is turning out to be a little different. A very complicated and traumatic birth has basically derailed a lot of my plans.

Taking a Break

I am OK and my baby is OK. That is all that matters right now. But i do have to make sure that i take care of myself to the best of my ability. That means that for the next few weeks  or longer, all sense of frugality is just going out the window. There are times when money is not the most important thing in the world. Click To Tweet I am officially taking a break from being frugal. 

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A Tale of 2 Births


Let me tell you a tale of two births Both beautiful and amazing. One that took place in the US of A One that took place in a nameless country, we’ll call it “Other Country”. The difference you ask? The … Read More

3 Containers and Brown Fruit


Do you have a problem with a overripe fruit in your house? I do! Unfortunately, my taste buds and my kids pickiness often work hard to overcome my desire to save food and eliminate extra waste. I pack lunches for … Read More