Borrowing Options When You Have Fair Credit

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Fair credit is a step below good credit, but it is better than bad credit. Lenders will charge you more than someone with a good credit score, while some won’t work with you at all. Let’s look at some of … Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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Do you have a small business? Have you thought about starting a blog for your business? Having visibility for your business is extremely important- This is why your business needs a blog. Having your small business rank on Google is … Read More

Best Rent Research Tips for Houston, Texas

Since housing is one of the most significant expenses that people have, it makes sense to spend the most amount of time trying to minimize this expense. Imagine reducing your rent bill! Many factors go into choosing where to live, … Read More

Save Money when Buying in Bulk

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin When you have a large family and cook large meals often (Shabbos, anyone?), you need to buy a lot of food. That adds up very quickly. I remember going on huge shipping trips with my … Read More

Saving Money on Clothes

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As a mother of boys can tell you (or maybe just mine), they are tough on their clothes. Why my boys think they need to slide into every single base (yes, even first) and every tree needs to be climbed, … Read More