5 Must Do’s on Your Next Fall Trip to Lake Tahoe

Fall is peak leaf-peeping time as Mother Nature rolls out a kaleidoscope of beauty and color.

California might not come immediately to mind as a locale for viewing the changing leaves of fall.

The autumn tradition of New England is well known, but California’s Sierra Nevada mountains offer an otherworldly experience all around Lake Tahoe.

Here at the largest alpine lake in North America, the fall brings a vivid show of the turning leaves of golden aspens against the backdrop of Tahoe’s famous evergreens.

Tahoe’s slender white-barked Aspen trees turn their leaves to bright yellow, gold, orange, and red, accessorizing a dramatic landscape of dark-green evergreens, rugged steel-gray rocky outcrops, wispy clouds, and azure skies. Aspen groves draw thousands of visitors each fall to witness this dazzling display.

Each aspen grove includes one or more aspen clones. Because they are genetically related, the trees of a particular clone will change color all at once. Autumn provides the moment when the locations of various Aspen clones are in evidence. With the onset of fall and its accompanying cooler temperatures and shorter days, the trees receive less direct sunlight. As a result, chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down and brings on intense yellow and orange pigments.

To lucky onlookers, this complex scientific phenomenon of the natural world is plain gorgeous.

During his journey to Tahoe during the Gold Rush, Mark Twain declared Lake Tahoe to be the “fairest picture the whole world affords” — and never is the area more vibrant and alive than in fall when the aspens put on their fiery show.

In some ways, this makes fall the prime time to experience the Sierra Nevadas at their peak. Surrounded by this rugged range, Lake Tahoe offers a multitude of ways to explore its multicolored paradise.

RnR’s  put together some suggestions for a fabulous glimpse of fall colors in Lake Tahoe.

5 Must Do’s on Your Next Trip to Lake Tahoe

Hope Valley

Located in Alpine County, just a 30-minute drive from South Lake Tahoe, Hope Valley offers myriad hiking trails and several routes highlighting the aspen trees. This highly recommended excursion delights with an explosion of color in the fall. The Alpine County Chamber of Commerce offers a map called Autumn in Alpine County, featuring several locales in the county for enjoying the fall colors.


Next door to Hope Valley lies the small town of Markleeville. Here, the aspens line local meandering creek beds. Visit some of the town’s many restaurants, bars, boutiques, and antique shops. Then, top your visit with a reviving plunge in beautiful Grover Hot Springs and take in the stunning valley scenery.

Ebbetts Pass

Take a leisurely drive along Highway 4, to the south of Hope Valley, to a national scenic byway. This is home to thousands of aspen trees, which put on a stunningly vibrant annual display. Then, focus your search along the East Carson River and Kinney Creek. Even from the car, the trees are visible, but for a more immersive experience, you may want to stop for a picnic and a leisurely hike.

Luther Pass

Dense aspen groves beckon along Highway 89, between Hope Valley and the town of Meyers. This is a favorite vantage point for many professional photographers, who stop along this route with tourists to snap dramatic photos. Just ahead is the Big Meadow Trailhead, where you can hike part of the Tahoe Rim Trail, adorned with creeks, evergreens like fir and pine —  and, of course, lots of aspens showing off their fall colors.

Fallen Leaf Lake

This aptly named alpine lake on the South Shore near Mount Tallac stuns with its combination of fall colors and crystal waters. Continue on the road to the lake for expansive views of the aspens. Stop at the General Store at Fallen Leaf Lake for boat and kayak rentals and food for a picnic lunch.

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous any time of year, but consider treating yourself to a unique experience — autumn in Tahoe and the fiery drama of its sweeping aspen groves.

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