How To Have a Glow Up: 14 Easy Steps

Wondering how to have a glow up?

 A glow-up can be an empowering transformation and impact your confidence and who you are. It can include changing your appearance, achieving your goals, or whatever else will help you change how you think will benefit you the most.

Taking care of yourself and prioritizing your physical and mental health is critical to experiencing true happiness and transforming your body into something you’re comfortable in. Whether you are having a glow-up to welcome a new season of your life or say goodbye to a low season, a glow-up can be the answer you’re looking for. Let’s look at the fourteen easy steps to have a glow-up! 

14 Simple Steps to Have a Glow-Up

1. Improve Skincare Routine

Your skin is key for confidence and personal growth. Forming a skincare routine that you’re confident in and is targeted to what you want to improve can greatly help your skin. Clear and glowing skin can help you to be more confident and comfortable in your body. Ensure you choose a skincare routine that is easy to keep up with instead of overcomplicating it. 

2. Stay Hydrated

You’d be surprised at how important it is to hydrate and the difference it makes in both your body and your skin. Filling up your water bottle and keeping it filled can help you drink more water and have immense health benefits. Staying hydrated can help remove harmful toxins from your body and protect tissues, amongst other health benefits. 

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Your diet has a huge part in how you feel about yourself and act. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet and ensuring you take various vitamins and minerals can positively affect your body. Your skin will glow more, amongst other benefits! Something as simple as including a salad and fruits with vitamin C in every meal can make a lasting difference! 

4. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym every day. You can do daily exercise that’s as simple as going for a quick walk outside down your road, doing some morning pilates from a YouTube video, or going for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Exercise can help you to feel happier and increase your energy levels, amongst other health benefits. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

There is so much positively associated with quality sleep. Many important things happen while you sleep, and it can help you have a healthy body and glowing skin. Getting at least seven hours of sleep per night is recommended to uplift your mood and ease any stress you may feel. 

6. Dress in a Way That Boosts Confidence.

Wearing clothes that help boost your confidence and emphasize your features can help you feel better about yourself. When you look and feel your best in clothes that fit and colors that flatter, you can help draw attention to your best features. Try out different articles of clothing that you haven’t before and different styles to find what you love and feel your best in. 

7. Practice Good Posture

Practicing good posture and improving it can help to improve your confidence. Sitting and standing upright and taller can help your brain signal that it’s more focused and engaged. When it comes to long-term health, poor posture can have long-term complications for your body. Something as easy as correcting your posture can positively affect your confidence and body. 

8. Develop a Positive Mindset

How you look reflects what you’re feeling inside, and what you’re feeling is based on your thoughts. Having good self-esteem starts with what you’re thinking and how it affects you. Saying positive affirmations every day and learning to believe in yourself can greatly benefit your glow-up. You want to write down positive affirmations and say them out loud to yourself every day, regardless of how silly it feels. 

9. Learn New Skills

Learning something new can not only improve your intellect and allow you to have new experiences, but it can also allow you to develop a new hobby. You can start working on learning a new skill, which will allow you to spend time cultivating your mind and developing a new hobby. Utilizing your free time to learn something new can help you glow up. 

10. Cultivate a Healthy Social Life

Having friends and a trusted circle that you feel comfortable with and trust is important. Remember that happiness is a contagious emotion, and surrounding yourself with positive and happy people is critical for your happiness. Say goodbye to the negative people and surround yourself with a positive and healthy friend group. 

11. Update Your Hairstyle

Try to be kinder to your hair and give it some TLC. If you haven’t already, figure out your hair type and invest in products specifically designed for it. Schedule a hair salon appointment and get an updated hairstyle. You’ll feel most confident and comfortable when you have hair you love and feel good in. 

12. Experiment With Makeup (If Desired)

Makeup can help you feel more confident; even learning how to do your makeup and putting it on can be a therapeutic experience. Doing your makeup can help you feel beautiful and confident in your skin, which will radiate in your actions. Enhance your natural beauty and experiment with different looks to find what you love and feel best. 

13. Set and Achieve Personal Goals

Everyone has goals and things they want to achieve. Whether they’re financial, personal, or career goals, they can help you establish your goals and write them down. Challenge yourself to achieve these goals and break them into smaller ones you can achieve. Celebrate when you achieve a goal, and be kind to yourself. 

14. Embrace Self-Love and Self-Care

Remember that how you appear reflects how you treat yourself. Love yourself and be kind to yourself, even when you don’t feel your best. Set a self-care day where you relax and pamper yourself. The biggest part of a glow-up is how you treat yourself and how you feel about yourself.

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