16 Hobbies That Are So Fun, You’ll Forget You’re Saving Money

Hobbies can be quite expensive, and most people do not realize this until they are in way too deep. But before you scoff at someone’s choice of hobby, understand that people are endowed differently financially. Despite all being frugal, some people have expensive hobbies that perfectly match their income and lifestyle.

Others are struggling, while others blame their hobbies for putting them in debt. What is your hobby, and how does it fit into your frugal lifestyle? Do you save money by indulging in such a hobby, or do you bleed money every time?  I scoured the internet for such hobbies that saved money, and here are some interesting finds.


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Cycling is a great outdoor hobby. It may be expensive at the beginning when you are buying a bike, but the long-term benefits outweigh this cost. You become healthier and can save money by cycling to places you would have normally driven. Unless you want to become a professional cyclist, you do not need to buy expensive bicycles as a beginner. The cost of maintaining a bicycle is very little as well.


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Cooking is another wholesome hobby. You save money by not eating out, and you get to prepare healthy meals. You can check out different YouTube videos for recipes. This is a hobby that will make you enjoy the best nature has to offer.


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The pursuit of knowledge is an ageless hobby. To keep the costs low, visit your local library whenever you want to read. You can also borrow books from the library, and this can help you save substantially. Reading different kinds of books helps expand your creativity, vocabulary, and imagination. You may also learn new skills by reading. For instance, you can learn to cook by reading recipe books, you can learn a new language by reading books, you get inspired by reading inspirational books, and you can learn to garden by reading such books.  There is no limit to what you can learn through reading.

Sewing and Weaving

Women using sewing machine
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When you learn how to sew, you can repair clothing and other fabric in your house confidently. Sewing skill is mainly for repurposing and altering things, not necessarily creating from scratch. You gain more options whenever you buy things because you know you can recreate them to suit your specific needs. Weaving is a lost art. People used to weave beautiful stuff. Basketry and decorative items can be woven with simple materials sought from your garden.


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This is a good hobby for people who love the outdoors. Buy camping and backpacking gear and spend long periods in the outdoors as you interact with nature. A trip to the wilderness is fulfilling, uplifts your mental well-being, and makes you appreciate nature. 

Reselling Estate Sales

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Go to estate sales in your neighborhood, get good stuff cheaply, and sell them at a markup on Etsy or eBay. You may find solid finds and make decent figures without being too involved. Treasure hunting is always a wonderful venture.

Metal Detecting

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This is a new hobby where people look for metal, collect it, and sell it to scrap dealers for repurposing. Buy a metal detector and digging tools and go to congested places (such as music concerts, soccer stadiums, etc.). After the event is over, you go around collecting metallic items. You may get lucky and find jewelry that you can flip for a good price.

Thrift Shopping

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Thrift shopping is another form of treasure hunting, although you are more inclined to use items you find in thrift shops than in real estate sales. You can find amazing deals in a thrift shop for a fraction of the price.


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Coupons make it easy to purchase products at discounts. Before you buy something (especially if it is a high-ticket item), check to see if they have coupons. You can save considerably through couponing.  Join Facebook groups to stay updated on companies and products that you can buy through couponing and store discounts. Download coupon apps and use them every time you shop. 


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If your area allows foraging, go for it. You can have incredible finds by foraging around your neighborhood. This is a hobby that takes time but if you have time then you save some money in the long run.


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You just need good binoculars and probably a camera to start enjoying this hobby. You can buy both cheaply from a thrift shop. Join Facebook groups of bird lovers in your locality and enjoy having a close-knit relationship with other enthusiasts.

Playing Board Games

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This is another great and frugal way to enjoy an evening with your friends. Bring board games, create challenges, and enjoy. It creates good bonds among friends. It is a great alternative to going out.

Learn a Language

Learning foreign languages
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Learning a new language can be an important life skill. You never know when it comes in handy. Nowadays you can learn almost any language you want freely through the use of apps and other online learning platforms. Apps like Duolingo have become popular for teaching people how to learn foreign languages cheaply.

Learn Digital Art

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If you are good at drawing, you can translate this into a good side hustle. To learn digital art, you need a drawing pad and software. You can purchase the software or pay an annual subscription. Unlike paper, you can never run out of storage with digital art since you will store your work in the cloud. And it is easy to share and promote your work.

Soap Making at Home

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Soap-making requires little capital, and the learning curve is not steep. If you are good at this, you can start a small side hustle selling soap from home.


Recycling furniture pieces and work
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Woodworking is an expensive hobby for beginners because you will need to buy tools, and some are quite expensive. However, the fulfillment you will get out of creating wonderful wooden pieces and watching everything come together may be worth the investment. You could recoup this investment after selling the pieces you create.

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