Frugality Made Easier: 6 Tips To Keep Pursuing Your Goals Even When Things Get Tougher

Let’s face it; frugal living can sometimes feel like dieting. You know the goal you are working for, but the process can be challenging.

Even though the results you are working for would be pleasant, the temptations to fall short can quickly go through the roof.

I would equate it to the temptation of ordering a cheat meal after sticking to your strict keto diet for a week.

How best can you stick to your frugal living goals?

One Reddit user posted in the “Frugal” subreddit saying, “How do you manage to stay consistent with your frugal tips.”

Here are some fantastic tips the commenters offered.

Keep Trying

It is good to try rather than accept that you will fail without even attempting.

One commenter said, “Acknowledge that you’re going to fall short, but progress is still better than not making a change.”

Also, you have got to accept that habits are not created in days; it will take a lot of patience, time, and discipline. One commenter said, “Trying is better than nothing, and things take time to become habit/second nature.”

Ditch FOMO and Embrace Jomo

We spend too much money because of the fear of missing out. Ditching FOMO and embracing the joy of missing out would go a long way in helping you easily embrace a frugal life.

As a frugal lifestyler, you will be surrounded by many YOLO people. People will visit and review the best restaurants and spas every other day in your timeline. It can be challenging to fight the temptation to go there.

One way you can fight this is by finding joy in simple forms of self-care, such as organizing DIY spa nights or learning and preparing some delicious meals at home.

One commenter said, “It is a long-distance race, not a sprint, that’s for sure. I think the best thing is to not get discouraged and to ignore the haters. We’re not perfect by any stretch, but I feel like we said “no thank you” to the rat race. Got a new car? Good for you. We got a nice, gently used one for about half the scratch. Took that tropical all-star resort cruise? Great, here are our pics from camping in Europe after we found that super deal on airfare. Frugality isn’t about denying yourself things but prioritizing them and cutting unnecessary expenses.”

Get a Brutally Honest Reminder for Yourself

One commenter offered what works for them, “I look at the average income for my state and remember that I am poor. It reminds me to be frugal, or I will never get anywhere.”

The original poster acknowledged that this was such a painful reminder but still good on its own accord as it got the job done.

Focus on the Good Side of Frugality

Why focus on the tough side when a brighter side could keep you on the move?

One commenter said, “I enjoy being frugal; my coffee tastes better from home because I use a vintage expresso machine and good coffee; thrift clothing always lasts longer than new fast fashion.”

Another added, “I have a vintage press and some thrifted super old spoons (seems like from the ottoman empire or copies of them) found in a flee market, and when I take my coffee, it is like an experience, not a plastic/paper cup on the go from some exploitative company, for a crazy price that will be thrown and forgotten.”

Get in a Circle of Frugal People

If there is a goal you are trying to achieve, you need to be in a group of people with the same objective.

If your goal is early retirement, find people working for the same. It would make your saving journey a lot easier. You can even have challenges and motivation to keep each other going.

One commenter said, “Being frugal is a lifestyle, and it helps to have a partner and friends with similar values.”

Reward Yourself

Just like any other thing in life, it is all about progress and not perfection.

When you are doing good, reward yourself; as one commenter said, “Buy something nice once in a while. “I’ll hang on preparing lunches for two weeks, then I’ll buy that pizza!!”

You can even set a reward you will get yourself when you achieve your frugality goals; at least, there would be something to look forward to.

Over to You Now

How best do you manage to stick to frugal tips? Do you pick all the tips, even those that may seem difficult for you to follow through?


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