15 Frugal Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Thinking about renovating your home and giving it a renewed appearance one can only dream of? I mean, we all love an upgrade, and we could always use one. However, if you’re a frugal person, you know home renovation is not something you randomly get unless it is a necessity. Simple professional upgrades can cost a fortune. 

Luckily, you don’t have to go out of the way to get a new look in specific parts of the house. 

You can take the initiative, do some DIY home renovations, and enjoy an upgraded environment without breaking the bank. 

Looking for frugal home renovation ideas you can do? These 15 ideas will give your home a new cozy look. 

1. Paint a Room

Happy woman repairman poses with a roller and trowel against the background of pasted wallpaper and a plastered wall.
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A fresh coat of paint will dramatically transform your room. Remember, you want to save money and still accomplish your goal of revamping the room. For this reason, consider choosing affordable, neutral colors for a timeless look. 

You don’t have to paint your whole house. You can choose to paint areas that need a revamp or rooms that you want to transform. 

When done properly, painting can cover permanent marks or stains that are difficult to remove. The process will help you eliminate the burden of major repairs since regular painting protects exterior surfaces for longer durability.

2. DIY Flooring

Stylish living room with wood flooring and modern interior
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Outdated or old flooring? Consider DIY flooring options like laminate or vinyl plank flooring. When compared to hardwood, such options can be more budget-friendly. 

Still, you can choose from cheaper alternatives such as plywood flooring, painted floors, stenciled floors, and stick flooring. All these options can have a dramatic effect that will add more life to your living space. With DIY flooring, you will save money and benefit from other exceptional possibilities such as durability, waterproofing, and excellent value.

3. Cabinet Makeover 

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Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, you can repaint or refinish them for a new look. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in transforming your kitchen space. 

 You can also opt for stripping and sanding to take the kitchen cabinets back to their original state. 

There are a lot of kitchen cabinet inspirations you can get from Pinterest. Find something easy to recreate and get to work. It will save you so much more money than if you decide to call a professional to do it for you. 

4. Hardware Updates

Kitchen faucet with drop.
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Instead of revamping the whole kitchen or bathroom, swap out old cabinet knobs, handles, and faucets for updated, inexpensive options. You can also revamp the sink compartments by swapping from chrome to gold to give your room a new vibe.

One area you should not forget is the shower. You can add value by replacing the shower faucet to give the bathroom a spa-like feel.  

Hardware such as knobs are small pieces, but if done well, they can make your living space more aesthetic. 

5. Open Shelving

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Open shelving is an ideal choice for homeowners who would like to display decor, plants, and books. 

The design always looks beautiful when applied in the kitchen and living room. The good thing is that you can install the open shelves yourself. 

For an easy way out, remove the upper cabinet doors and create open shelving to display decor or your mug collection. You could also get raw materials and create floating shelves from scratch. 

 Apart from saving on renovation expenses, open kitchen shelving will enable you to enjoy easy access to your most-used dishware. You will also relish an alluring environment and personalized display space for your favorite accessories. 

6. Thrift Store Finds

Women shopping in thrift store.
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Secondhand furniture will always be an ideal choice to save costs instead of buying new ones. You can identify décor items or furniture at thrift stores and garage sales. Choose your preferred items at budget-friendly prices and upgrade your home. With today’s highly diversified market, you can find exceptional and affordable furniture and décor from any thrift store furniture around you. 

You could also buy a second-hand piece of furniture and upgrade it to suit your taste. It does not have to remain in its original state. 

7. Reupholster Furniture 

Recycling furniture pieces and work
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Reupholstering furniture is a superb idea if you are on a tight budget. Instead of buying a new sofa or a headboard, you can reupholster them to give them a new life. 

The process is less costly, and you can achieve the same quality as buying a new furniture set. Reupholstering is more than saving money on renovations or acquiring new pieces. It is a simple yet enjoyable activity that can turn into a hobby. 

8. Lighting Upgrades

woman changing lightbulb on ceiling.
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Lighting always has a way of transforming your space. Whether the lights are on or off, if well installed, they can serve additional purposes such as decoration. 

Looking to give your space a new touch of illumination? Consider swapping outdated fixtures for modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs. These are a sure way to instantly brighten and modernize any room. 

You may also consider DIY pendant lights using inexpensive materials, adding a touch of personal flair.

If you have experience or the know-how with electrics, you could take your lighting upgrade project a notch higher and install a chandelier. You will not only like the illumination effect it will have but also the touch of sophistication that it can add to your living space. 

9. Mirror Magic

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Nothing creates a more striking focal point in a room in your home than mirrors placed perfectly in strategic positions. Besides, if strategically installed, mirrors reflect light around the room, making it look bigger. 

Luckily, installing mirrors is a simple DIY home upgrading project you could do. You could start from scratch and get mirror-cutting tools, and cut in dimensions and shapes that suit your taste and space best. 

10. Upgrade Your Curtains and Blinds

Young woman opens the window curtains and looks at the skyscrapers in the big city.
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Curtains have the power to make a room look cozy and more aesthetic. Besides, getting the good kind could be the stop of harsh sun rays streaming directly into your living space. 

If you know how to sew, you could skip the expensive curtain purchases and design and make one of your own. If you choose to take this path, you could easily make yourself exquisite floor-length curtains that are typically expensive to buy. 

You could also take this as an opportunity to customize the curtains and blinds to perfectly match your taste and living aesthetic. 

11. Crown Molding

Man doubting
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If you’re looking to make a huge visual transformation in your living room, crown molds would be great to consider. Add crown molding to your rooms for an elegant touch without a hefty price tag. 

You can find affordable trim and crown molding at your local home improvement store. You can then add this molding to walls, windows, doors, and even a custom ceiling to give your home a modern appeal.            

12. Landscaping

Attractive gardener with plants and flowerpots sitting on green grass
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A well-maintained garden and landscaping can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Landscaping is one of the most affordable upgrades you could give to your home, as a lot of the activities are easy DIY.   You don’t need to always hire a professional in this field. 

Start by making simple improvements, such as installing landscape lighting, pressure washing the walkways, planting and maintaining flowers, or building a fire pit. Consider immersing yourself in this type of maintenance to turn your yard from wild to manicured and up to the value you desire.           

13. DIY Home Repairs

Repairman with tools
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If you are on a budget, learn basic DIY skills to handle minor home repairs and maintenance tasks independently. Revamping your space and doing simple fixes does not have to cost that much. 

Learn how to clean your HVAC equipment, fix leaking faucets, unclog sinks, patch up holes in walls, and replace damaged floor tiles. Such are very simple activities that can help keep your house in good condition without having to spend so much on calling professionals.           

14. Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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You should invest in energy-efficient appliances and seal drafts to save money on utility bills over time. 

Utilizing energy-efficient appliances can go a long way to simplify your home-improvement spending. Opt for LED light bulbs, which last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs but use much less electricity. This upgrade will be a game changer for you because they last about 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs while providing the same amount, if not more, light. You can do this upgrade on your own. 

 Another home upgrade you could do on your own is getting a programmable thermostat. Installing it is simple, but it will go a long way in saving you money.          

15. Upcycle and Recycle 

red-haired woman wearing green shirt and carrying recycling bag with paper
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Want to take your money savings a notch higher? Start upcycling and recycling the everyday products used at home. For instance, you can convert wooden pallets into stylish and functional furniture, from coffee tables to bookshelves. You could also repurpose glass jars into chic storage containers or eclectic vases. 

You can always find new uses for old items. This not only saves money but also reduces waste. Recycled materials are generally cheap, durable, and readily available, making them an ideal choice for home renovation under a tight budget. 

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