How to Flip Money: The Quick and Easy Methods

Flipping money involves the repeated exchange of money for goods or services. Learn how to do it online here. Flipping money is buying and holding something for a short time, then selling it soon for a profit. In essence, it’s the practice of spending a little money to earn far more. There are many ways to do it, and they’re legal!


Lots of people hear about flipping money and assume it’s a scam, like the emails from fake foreign royalty asking us to send them a thousand dollars so they can send us five hundred thousand back. However, there are plenty of legal, legitimate ways to make money by spending a little, none of which are money flip scams.

These twenty-five ways to turn a little money into a lot of money fast are all online, which makes them accessible and easy to start!


 20 Legit Ways to Flip Money Online


Flip Bitcoin on Cash App


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are increasingly dominant in the markets, and using Cash App to flip cryptocurrency can be a great way to make money. It’s important to vet these offers carefully since people have used this method for CashApp Scams. If promises seem too good to be true, they probably are, especially if they’re on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites.


Flip Shares of Real Estate


Buying investment properties and renting them isn’t the only way to earn money from real estate. Investing in shares of real estate involves far less risk, and the barrier to entry is lower. You can even start earning money from rent soon after investing.


Flip Money on Inboxdollars


InboxDollars allows you to earn money on small, everyday transactions, banking, and even subscriptions you might have gotten anyway! They’ve paid over $80 million in cash rewards to date.


Flip Money With Swagbucks


Swagbucks pays you to answer surveys and gives you cash back on your everyday purchases! Flip your everyday purchases!


Flip Your Spare Change


Your digital spare change can do more work for you. Apps like Acorns allow you to save and invest spare change from purchases by card without even thinking about it!


Flip Books Online


Looking for books online, especially sold in bulk, can allow you to resell them for more than the original purchase price! Look for deals then sell at a higher price. This is especially good if you have an eye for what collectors might like!


Flip Your Stocks on Robinhood


Robinhood is an accessible way for small investors or those just starting out to invest and even flip stocks. Keep an eye on the market, looking out for stocks that you suspect will increase in value, then sell them when they increase. Then reinvest your profits. This can be a fast way to grow your portfolio!


Flip Second-Hand Items


Second-hand items, including furniture and other antiques, vintage clothing, and designer items, can be highly profitable flips! Thrift stores, flea markets, and their online equivalents like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are all excellent spots to find secondhand goods that are perfect for a flip! With some small fixes if necessary, they can be sold for a much higher price. Great photos can help make anything look more expensive!


Flip Shares of Your Diversified Portfolio


Your investment portfolio can grow faster than you suspect. Buying and then selling stocks that are going up can help you turn a quick profit! Look out for stocks that are likely to grow and leverage your existing investments.


Flip Products on Amazon FBA (White Labelling)


Products a retailer doesn’t want anymore, discontinued products, and excess items can all be resold under a new label – yours! Amazon FBA can fulfill these orders for you for $39.99 a month plus seller’s fees.


Flip Your Bills lower


Services like RocketMoney and Mint can help you negotiate your bills and solidify your budget, saving you money every month! Flip your everyday purchases and regular bills to save more and make more.


Flip Your Own Knowledge


Your own skills and knowledge can make you money too! Consulting, starting an online class, or offering tutoring can be great ways to turn your specific areas of expertise into great money!


Flip Domain Names


Domain flipping, the practice of buying domains cheaply then selling them to interested buyers, is a great way to earn money fast! You can buy domains in bulk or target domains specifically based on popular or growing industries, then sell at higher prices in a variety of ways. You can hold an auction, pitch the domain name to buyers you think might be interested, or create a landing page inviting people to place bids!


Flip New Items With Retail Arbitrage


Often, a retailer or manufacturer will find themselves with more products than they can sell, outdated items, or simply stock that isn’t a great fit for their brand. You can buy these products at a discount, then sell them yourself or through an external service provider. If you get licenses for a design, but not physical merchandise, a service like Printify can help get the actual products into your customers’ hands.


Flip a Spare Room With Airbnb Arbitrage


AirBnB arbitrage can be a way to get into lucrative vacation rentals without having to rent an apartment yourself! Sublet an apartment, make sure it’s ready to be rented, and get started, all without the investment of having to rent an apartment longer-term or furnish it yourself! There are a few liabilities here, including potential property damage or landlords who prefer not to accommodate vacation rentals, so be careful with your paperwork!


Flip Sports Bets


If you can usually predict who is going to win a match or place in a tournament, this may be the flip for you! Start with small bets, then reinvest your winnings into larger-scale bets or more small bets!


Flip Art Shares


Art investing isn’t just for billionaires! Masterworks can help you purchase fractional ownership in important and valuable works of art, without a huge investment.


Real Estate Investing & Flipping


Like art, you don’t need huge amounts of capital to join the ranks of real estate investors. Fractional real estate investment allows you to buy shares in up-and-coming properties. Forbes advises focusing on “location, location, location” – hot, growing areas with new development have potential to make you lots of money!


Make Money With Credit Card Arbitrage


Credit card arbitrage is the practice of taking out credit cards with low introductory rates – often 12 or 18 months with low or no interest – and using that credit to invest in high-yield, low-risk financial products like high-yield savings accounts. This works best for those who pay minimums on time monthly, and then pay off the total balance once the introductory period ends, so keep that in mind!


Bank Account and Credit Card Farming


Bank accounts also offer generous introductory offers. Bank account farming involves opening new accounts to take advantage of these offers, then changing to other new accounts to take advantage of their offers. Credit card farming is similar: opening multiple new accounts to take advantage of benefits and favorable rates!


How to Flip Money in Person


Maybe you prefer to see your investments in-person! There are options for you. From land and house flipping to renting your own extra space to a short-term rental, you can find more concrete ways to flip your money!


Flip Land


Flipping land costs less than flipping houses, since land prices are often lower and have similar growth. As with all real estate investing, focus on location! Up-and-coming areas can give you fantastic profits.


Flip Houses


Flipping houses is more time-intensive and often more expensive than the other tactics mentioned here, but if you have the time, flip houses may be for you! This is a great option for people who are great at doing their own fixes and repairs, since contract labor can be a large expense!


Flip Money by Buying Storage Containers


Storage companies often find themselves dealing with abandoned or unpaid storage units. To open up their space and recover some of their investment, they sell the contents of these storage containers, usually at auction. Buying the contents of these can be a great way to find goods you can flip, but the value can be variable, so nothing is guaranteed!


Flip Money by Changing a Room to a Rental


If you have spare room in your house or apartment, renting it out through AirBnB and Vrbo can be great ways to make extra money! You may need to make an initial investment to spruce up common spaces and the spare room itself, but you don’t need to invest in rent for a whole new apartment or purchase real estate!


Make Money by Flipping Goods


Excess goods can be found anywhere – flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and commercial auctions! Buying them at a low price and sell high, and you’re a flea market flipper! If you have a design but no physical merchandise, Printify can help get products to your customers!


Whether you need money fast or just want to see how much you can get from a small amount of capital, flipping may be for you! Watch out for Ponzi schemes and scammers, but don’t be afraid to embrace great opportunities. Whether as a flea market flipper, a house flipper, a fractional real estate investor or art investor, or a day trader, you can be a successful flipper!


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