7 Everyday Things Minimalists Don’t Own or Buy (For a Simpler Life)

There are temptations everywhere nowadays for us to buy so much stuff. No matter what you do, you can’t escape consumerism, and this isn’t very helpful if you’re aspiring to be a minimalist.

There are, however, some things that minimalists will never buy because these things are either too expensive or, more importantly, they just don’t add any value to the minimalist lifestyle.

Read on if you like to learn about the things to avoid buying (or owning) if you’d like to keep life simpler.

1. Knick-Knacks and Unnecessary Decorations

A lot of people take comfort in decorating their homes with all kinds of bits and bobs that they feel accentuate the look of their homes.

But minimalists like to keep things as simple and practical as possible, and knick-knacks and other pointless decor items don’t exactly help this aesthetic or, shall we say, practical way of living. 

Fast Fashion 

Fast Fashion is not only dreadful for the environment, but it’s also capable of doing some horrendous damage to anyone’s savings. The clothing items are made of degrading quality, and they barely last two seasons. For practical and (smart financial) reasons, minimalists focus on buying quality clothes that last for years on end.

The less is more philosophy is something that they apply to not only their homes but to their wardrobes, too. 

Physical Media 

In today’s age, it’s possible to have all your media, such as books, movies, series, and music, accessible from online sources. Minimalists use this to their advantage in order to avoid cluttering their shelves with books, DVDs, or CDs.

Single-Purpose Cooking Gadgets

There are so many single-purpose cooking gadgets out there, including garlic presses and avocado slicers, to name a few. Are these devices actually that useful when you can just use a knife to get the same job done? Instead of loading drawers and cabinets with unnecessary kitchen gadgets, they go with essentials that are versatile and durable. This also makes finding things and keeping your kitchen organized much more manageable.

Duplicate Items

Some people like to keep extras on hand, but minimalists stick to having just enough to get by because anything more is creating clutter. From towels to bedding and even cables or cords. Minimalists chose to keep life simple by only keeping things in their homes that they actually need and use.

Multiple Cleaning Supplies

Instead of having separate cleaners for the counters, windows, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and baths, minimalists try sticking to multipurpose cleaners that can tackle almost every surface in a home. They don’t see the point in splurging on a different spray, wipe, or solution for every other surface in the house when they can just stick to multipurpose cleaners that’ll get most jobs done just fine.

Souvenirs On Every Vacation

Minimalists usually prioritize experiences over things. Instead of buying tons of souvenirs on every vacation they go on, they would rather spend that time and money shopping on making new memories and going on epic adventures. 

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