30 Cool Cheap or Free Things To Do This Summer With Kids

Want some cheap or free things to do this summer with your kids?

Mom, I’m bored! Sound familiar? If you are looking for cheap or free things to do this summer with kids, I have you covered!

All moms need summer activities to do that stay on budget and don’t have you rolling into the school year with empty wallets and empty cups!

Here are 30 really cool (although your teenager might disagree) cheap or free things to do this summer for you to download and enjoy!

Grab the printable, stick it on your fridge, and know exactly what to do every day of summer break. Who knows? Your teenagers might decide to join in on the fun too!

30 Super Cool Cheap or Free Things To Do This Summer

  • Take a stroll in the woods
  • Spend the afternoon reading at the local library
  • Enjoy a day at a local farm
  • Go fishing
  • Have a sleep-over
  • Bake goodies and sell them to neighbors
  • Build a campfire in the backyard
  • Create your own cardboard castle
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Go swimming in the lake/beach
  • Have a barbecue afternoon with friends
  • Have a talent night
  • Go on a scavenger hunt around the house
  • Spend the afternoon at the park
  • Create a mini vegetable garden
  • Learn a new craft
  • A day of painting 
  • Prepare dinner for the family
  • Redecorate your room with a chosen theme
  • Glamping in the living room
  • Movie night on the patio
  • Stargaze with the whole family
  • Go to a local concert
  • Visit a museum
  • Check out events in town
  • Have a summer-themed photoshoot
  • Help a neighbor
  • Go biking
  • Go kiting with your own DIY kite
  • Play dress up with thrift store finds

Want this whole list in a nifty printable that you can use all the time? If you don’t want to whip out your phone every time you need to think of a super cool thing to do this summer, then print this out to keep handy!



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