10 Borderline Effortless Ways to Save More Money

Did you know there are opportunities all around you to be frugal, and you barely have to lift a finger? It’s true: even the most minor tweaks to your life can be an incredible boon to your bank account. Here are ten examples of shockingly simple ways to save money.

Flip and Rotate Your Mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap, but having a comfortable one is essential to having a good quality of life. The solution? Flipping and rotating your mattress once every three months. Doing this will increase its lifespan, keeping you from having to buy a new one prematurely.

Do More With Less

Most people overuse things like shampoo and toothpaste by a considerable amount. Try cutting the amount you use in half and see if you get the same results. Chances are, you won’t miss that extra waste, and you’ll save money in the long term.

Be Kind to Your Shoes

Treating your shoes with more care will make them last longer. Learn what material your shoes are made of and maintain them accordingly. And since a good shoe can be a pretty penny, this extra bit of maintenance can be the difference between an extra credit card payment or not.

Make More Lists

Any time you’re shopping, make a list. The list gives your shop a purpose. Don’t deviate from your list; you won’t go home with pointless items or impulse buys anymore if you stay strong.

Swap to Energy Efficient Bulbs

Your lights are on all the time. Swapping to energy-efficient bulbs is a tangible way to save money on energy costs. And the only thing you need to do is unscrew a lightbulb and screw a new one in to watch the savings roll in.

Stay Home More

We’re not suggesting you dampen that inner social butterfly; rather, entertain at home more! Host things like potlucks with your friends rather than going out to dinner. The cost is cheaper for everyone, and you can make the rules!

Make Gifts

People appreciate homemade gifts more than you know. And they’re pretty much always cheaper. Get creative and make something sentimental to give someone something truly one-of-a-kind!

Make Coffee at Home

Maybe your morning latte feels like an absolute must, but trust us. Take the time to make your coffee at home. You’ll save significantly and be able to enjoy your coffee whenever you want it and exactly the way you like it.

Become a Coupon Person

It’s never been easier to be a coupon person! Coupon codes and rewards programs have virtually no barrier to entry anymore, so the savings are usually just a copy and paste away. And if you want to spend the extra effort and be an overachiever, you can cut coupons and review sales for even more savings.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Everything from that unused streaming subscription to that expensive internet package is fair game. If it’s not serving you as you thought it would, it’s wasting your money. Cancel it now and save yourself potentially hundreds every month.

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