I’m Frugal: Here Are 10 Bills I Won’t Pay

There are some expenses in life that frugal people have learned to avoid entirely. And with the same know-how and self-control, you can be one of those people dodging unnecessary expenses! Here are ten examples of costs that you’ll never see a frugal person pay.

1. Gym Memberships

Why bother with a gym membership when you can do many full-body exercises at home without any equipment? Some people go to the gym religiously, and those people take full advantage of their membership. But if you aren’t going consistently or know you won’t, don’t bother signing up for one.

2. Too Many Streaming Services

Frugal people know better than to pay for streaming services they never use. You can only watch so much content, so pick the ones you use the most and forget the rest.

3. Extended Warranties

Why don’t frugal people need extended warranties? Because they know maintaining appliances is vital to longevity. So, they’re both saving money by not purchasing extended warranties and extending the lifespan of their appliance.

4. Late Fees

Frugal people know that time is money. And if they aren’t paying on time, they’re stuck paying with money. Keep late fees to an absolute minimum by staying organized with your bill payments and knowing when you’re paying what.

5. Credit Card Interest

Frugal people aren’t afraid of credit cards because they’re never concerned about interest. They keep their balances down and pay everything off at the end of the month so they don’t live outside their means.

6. Anything DIY-able

If a frugal person learns they can handle it themselves, they will. While some DIY crafts or repairs are a bit too much for the average person, most are surprisingly simple and doable with tools you already have lying around. They also know when to not push their luck and spend money on a professional so they don’t waste money thinking they can do something complicated themselves.

7. Cable TV

In the streaming TV era, cable TV feels redundant for many people. Frugal individuals recognize this and don’t even bother sticking to their tried and true favorite streaming platforms. Even if your cable is included in a phone or internet package, you’re still likely to save by purchasing these services a la carte rather than paying for everything and never turning on your TV.

8. Professional Tax Prep

Frugal people are financially savvy; they spend lots of time learning about taxes and how to prepare themselves. Investing time and effort into learning how to do your taxes is incredibly beneficial for anyone since it teaches you a lot about your finances and where you can improve.

9. Subscription Meal Kits

Frugal people love a shortcut, but not one that’s five times the price of grocery shopping. Meal planning and smart shopping is their preferred method of saving on food costs; subscription meal kits, while convenient, just aren’t worth the expense.

10. Car Payments

Overly-costly car payments are crippling for many, and frugal people will do whatever they can to keep these to a minimum. Whether that means buying their car outright or paying extra on a loan to pay it off faster, they make an effort not to stay shackled to those payments.

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