Best 5 Frugal Living YouTube Channels

Nothing beats YouTube for delivering actionable content, tips, and hacks for almost everything on planet Earth. Are you looking for ways to save money and be entertained? Check out these frugal living YouTube Channels and learn something new!

Take some time to watch, and then if you like the video you see, give them a “like” and a “subscribe.”

Did you know creators can only make money on their YouTube channels if they have enough subscribers and watch hours? So, if you see the content you like and want the creators to continue making new and amazing content, then you must watch and subscribe!

Cents and Purpose


Kristin from helps you save money, get out of debt, and live a debt-free life you love! She paid off $54,500 in under 2 years, and she teaches you to do the same by sharing all the frugal living and money-saving tips and tricks she picked up along the way.

A Dime Saved


Well, you already know A Dime Saved is the best place for all sorts of frugal living advice, but did you know we also have a YouTube channel? It’s still new, but if you like to watch videos instead of reading them, head over there to watch some great videos. 

Frugal Rules With John and Nicole Schmoll


Too many people spend too much on TV every month. The Frugal Rules YouTube channel helps you save while still being able to watch your favorite shows and live sports. They review all the top services and cover news in the space, so you don’t have to spend $250+ monthly for what you want.

Sustainability Vegan 


Sustainability and frugal living go hand in hand. If you like vegan channels, you will find good content here: Immy from Sustainability Vegan shares her money-saving and simple lifestyle. Ultimately, reusable products or simple living habits are way cheaper than disposables over time. (You don’t need to buy anything to start helping the planet!) The channel’s theme is frugal but through the lens of helping the earth. 

The Broken Wallet


Vee is a money/personal finance writer. She began writing about financial topics in 2005. She’s helped countless people improve their financial lives. She drops a new video every Saturday and talks about different ways to save money and budget.

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