6 Assets That Are Plummeting in Value

What are consumers buying that just don’t make very good long-term investments? If you want to make a wise investment, you might want to see how things devalue over time. Here are six common assets that are losing their value as we speak.


You’ve probably heard before that cars depreciate the minute you drive them off the lot. And there’s some truth to that: the average car loses about 20% of its value within the first year of ownership. After five years, you can expect the car to be worth 40% less than its original value.

Unfortunately, there’s not much the consumer can do to fight this; it’s just an expected part of car ownership. It’s not just cars, either. Other vehicles like motorcycles or RVs are in the same boat for the same reasons.


Depending on how well you maintain a toy, collecting can undoubtedly be a lucrative way to invest in some physical assets. But that’s only if you don’t plan to ever use it. You’ll have to keep the toy in mint condition for maximum ROI.

Not only that but there’s no telling how valuable a toy will be in the future. It’s all just guesswork, even if you follow trends and pay attention to how prices fluctuate.

Computers or Electronics

Electronics are being outclassed at an alarming speed. Right when you’ve bought the newest gadget, another one gets released, immediately rendering the old one significantly less valuable.

However, you can slow the depreciation of your electronic device by keeping it well-maintained, like putting your phone in a phone case. 


Many reasons are calling a timeshare an investment should give you pause, but the biggest is that they depreciate significantly faster than most people imagine. Vacation timeshares can lose a staggering 70% of their initial value when sold on a secondary market.

So, if you do decide to partake in a timeshare, just know that it’s not so much an investment as it is a way to save some cash on a hotel when you’re vacationing.


Crypto’s name is apt because its trajectory in the financial world has been highly confusing. While it certainly had its moment in the sun, with everything from Bitcoin to Dogecoin being in the mainstream vocabulary, its fifteen minutes of fame seem to have come and gone.

It’s not necessarily impossible to invest in crypto and see a return. Still, it’s significantly riskier now than ever, and most have plummeted in value since they stepped onto the scene.

Musical Instruments

Much like with toys, musical instruments are meant to be played. If you’re a collector, you could consider a musical instrument an appreciating asset, but you’ll have to keep your hands off it. If you plan to play your instrument, remember that it significantly loses value within the first five years.

Since so few people buy musical instruments solely as collectors, there’s little reason to consider them sound investments. Just enjoy them for what they are!