8 Money-Saving Tips That Will Change Your Life (for the Worse)

Are you tired of overspending and looking for ways to save money? While frugality can be helpful and important, it’s good to remember that not all money-saving tips are created equal. Some common frugal tips are actually quite expensive.

In fact, some of the most common frugal tips could cost you more money in the long run. Some frugality is more expensive to start or maintain despite the concept of being frugal.After someone recently asked, “What frugal tips are more costly than cost-efficient?” These were the top-voted responses.

1.  Buying Warranties

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“I had a relative that would buy the warranty on everything. If the cashier asked, she said YES! In the long run, she could have bought or fixed whatever it was if she stuck the money in a savings account and made money,” one person confessed. “Now, a home warranty is an entirely different story.”

2.  DIY Home Repairs

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“Do-it-yourself home repairs, if you’re not used to them, then it’s going to take twice as long and cost twice as much as just having a professional do it,” one suggested. “Don’t skim on planning, and you’ll do better.”


“Know what you’re going to do, exactly. Visualize it after watching some instructional videos,” another replied. “DIY bathbombs and body scrubs on the other hand, are incredible for the self-care needed after forking out the moola for home repairs. ”

3.  Cheap New Cars

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“Cheap new cars. The build quality on these cars sucks. You’re going to have guaranteed problems, which adds to your sunk cost.”

“They aren’t going to last long, or you’re going to hate it so much that you’re going to end up with a new car in five years,” one person commented.

4.  Buying High-Quality Items

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“A standard piece of frugality advice is always to buy the highest quality items you can find, and you’ll make up the cost by not replacing them. That’s good advice for something you plan to use frequently.”

“However, if you’re buying something to try out or if you only need to get a couple of uses out of it, buying a cheap item can work out better in the long run,” another suggested.

5.  Buying Cheap Shoes

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“Cheap, ill-fitting shoes cost more in foot care and replacements than more expensive shoes. So, growing up, I always wore smaller-than-needed, cheaply made shoes.”


“Then, suddenly got my first proper, solid, and quality pair of shoes at 21, and my foot pain and every three-month replacement schedule went away, saving me lots of long-term money,” stated one.

6.  Cheap Vehicle Replacement Parts

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“Anything to do with your car. Cheap parts break down quicker. So long term, you’ll spend more or worse have to buy a new car depending on what you did,” another suggested.

7. Buying In Bulk

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“If you are short of money, buying in bulk increases your one-off payment. Although cheaper, in the long run, it’s not available to those struggling,” someone suggested. On the other hand, others argued, “Buying in bulk is the least expensive way to shop. It just costs more upfront.”


Finally, another stated, “You’re missing the point. Often poor people can’t afford the upfront cost of buying in bulk, or they have to use credit to do it. It’s just one of the reasons it’s more expensive to be poor.”

8.  Cheap Appliances

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“Buy the cheapest appliances. You’ll spend more buying replacement after replacement when they break every few months than you would have spent just making a one-time purchase that’s just a little bit more expensive,” a final person commented.

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