15 Things We Judge People for (And Find Them Wanting)

With exceptions like criminal behavior, we’re not supposed to judge people for who they are or what they do. However, there are times it’s almost impossible not to. Following are some examples, including why they’re so egregious.


1. Parents Mistreating Their Kids in Public

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It’s disturbing to see a parent hitting or berating a child in a public place. Even worse, imagine what it must be like for that child at home.


2. Parents Letting Kids Misbehave in Public

Emotional Tantrum and Angry little boy at home.
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On the other hand, there are those parents who don’t discipline their misbehaving children at all. They just let them yell and scream, run all around, etc.


3. Treating Pets Poorly

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There’s probably a lot of overlap between people who treat kids badly and those who do the same to animals. It’s sad seeing a neglected or abused animal, but sometimes those animals can be rescued.


4. Not Using Turn Signals

Man in a car driving backwards.
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Using turn signals is considerate and also improves traffic safety. Unfortunately, many don’t use them. And then there are the people who cut you off and then put their turn signal on!


5. Doing a Bad Parking Job

Nervous female driver sits at wheel, has worried expression as afraids to drive car by herself for first time.
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Whether this is from incompetence, indifference, or selfishness, the impact is the same. When someone’s tires are on or over the line, everyone else has to park badly to compensate. In other instances, the spot goes unused.


6. Leaving a Mess Behind

Team of young volunteers picking up litter in the park.
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This isn’t just about littering, which is actually illegal and totally worthy of judgment. It’s also about people who make messes everywhere they go, leaving them for others to clean up. Some of the worst are those who leave restaurant tables looking like a dump.


7. Being Loud in Public

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Loud conversations, either between two people present or over a phone, impose on everyone. The same goes for playing games, watching videos, listening to music, etc. If others can hear it, it’s too loud.


8. Not Picking Up After a Dog

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Leaving dog waste on someone else’s lawn or along a trail is about the height of gross and inconsiderate. Bagging it and leaving it for someone else to pick up doesn’t count as cleaning up.


9. Giving Kids Ridiculous Names

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We won’t give any examples so as not to risk offending any readers, but you’ve seen this. Some poor kid has an oddball name guaranteed to subject them to teasing. You’re left wondering what the parents were thinking.


10. Sauntering Out Into Crosswalks

young woman with a bag and smart phone crossing street in big city,
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The law in most places is not that cars have to stop if you enter the crosswalk. It’s that they have to stop if you’re already in it. Even if you think you have the right of way, blithely stepping out into moving traffic sounds crazy.


11. Rudeness to Employees

Stressed Waiter Coming Out Of The Kitchen
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Some people seem to take pleasure in being rude and abusive to clerks, wait staff, and other service employees. Maybe it makes them feel powerful. Really, it makes them look like jerks.


12. Being Oblivious to the Space One Is Taking Up

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Some clueless person’s cart is blocking the aisle. Another is spilling over into someone else’s personal space. These situations can frustrate and enrage, and sometimes they escalate.


13. Misusing Apostrophes

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My dog wagged it’s tail. The choice was her’s to make. We’re going to have burger’s for dinner. These things drive anyone with a basic understanding of proper grammar nuts.


14. Wasting Gas and Electricity

Pumping gas
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People complain about gas prices. Then you see them arrive early for school pickup, running their engines and AC the whole time. And then there are the people who leave lights on all over the house when no one’s in those rooms.


15. Smoking While Kids Are in the Car

children look out from a car window.little boy and girl playing inside a minivan.
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Some people still refuse to believe in the dangers of secondhand smoke. Maybe others just don’t care. When they smoke in the car while their kids are inside, they’re recklessly endangering their “precious” ones.

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