15 Frugal Behaviors That Are Perfectly Fine (No-You’re Not Cheap)

If you’re a frugal person, you’ve probably been called cheap a time or two. However, being cheap and being frugal aren’t the same things. Frugal living is a way to keep expenses down and not spend what you don’t need to. Being cheap is refusing to pay what you need to get the things you need.

There are plenty of people who engage in frugal behaviors that are just fine, even if they get called cheap by other people.

Long-Term Pot Scrubbers

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If you’re using an old pot scrubber, and it lasts for years, there’s no reason to buy another one. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy scrubber. If you have an old wad of steel wool, that will work for ages.

Using a Bread Bag as a Baggie

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A bag’s a bag. You can get good bags from cereal boxes, loaves of bread, etc., and then use those again for other foods as well as other stuff. You can also wash out a baggie and reuse it.

Having Only One Car

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While this simply isn’t feasible for some families, it can often work if you can find a way. There may be more trips made in the one car, but this can still save you a lot of money on car expenses.

Avoiding Food Delivery

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It’s so much less expensive to either cook at home or pick up your food rather than get your meals delivered. Prioritizing grocery shopping over ordering dinner can help you pay a fraction of what you’d pay for delivered meals.

Repairing Clothes

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There are plenty of people who would call this cheap and say to just throw the item away. However, a minor repair can make a big difference in how long you can wear something.

Drinking Water in Restaurants

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Have you seen the prices of mixed drinks lately? Even shots? If you’re out to eat, water is free, and it doesn’t drive up the price of the tip, either. Sure, a drink is fun, but saving money is even more fun for many.

Walking When You Can

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Some destinations are just too far to walk to, but some may not be. This isn’t just a frugal choice- it’s a choice to have a healthier lifestyle that happens to save you money.

Buying Meat on Clearance

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If it’s close to the “sell-by” date, the meat will get marked way down. If you can get it the day before it expires, you could get 50% off or more. Then, cook it that night, or freeze it and use it any time.

Keep Household Cleaner Bottles and Refill

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There are countless recipes these days for every kind of cleaner you can buy. Making a homemade version and putting it into the container that once held the brand-name cleaner can save you a lot.

Keep Using Your Phone Until It Falls Apart

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We see our phones as ordinary daily objects, but they often represent a significant investment. Not getting the latest model every year or two can be a great way to cut down on spending and keep using things that are still working.

Sharing Living Expenses

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Most people don’t have roommates after their early 20s, but why not? Even if you’re married, having a roommate or two can cut down on living expenses as well as give you someone to socialize with.

Growing a Few Food Items

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If you love fresh herbs, this is a great way to save money on buying them. You can grow them in a windowsill and always have fresh items to use. It’s also helpful if you buy a lot of one or two types of produce.

Line-Drying Clothing

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This isn’t allowed in all areas, but when it is, it can be a great way to make your clothes last longer and save on energy costs. It can also make them smell great and get them to dry quickly.

Exercise at Home

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Instead of paying for a gym membership, you can put together a workout routine that you can do at home. You don’t necessarily need equipment for it, either. This adds up to a lot of savings over a year.

Keep Using a Running Car

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When a car looks a little worn, and it’s paid off, many people see it as time to trade it in for something new. However, most cars will last much longer than this, and keeping the old one saves an enormous amount of money.

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