15 Easy Online Jobs You Can Start in a Week or So

Are you looking for easy online jobs you could start as soon as possible? Whether you are looking to supplement your income or fill up your free time, there is something you can always quickly learn and start doing. 

This post looks at easy online jobs you can learn and start in a week’s time. These jobs are also ideal for people looking for something that is not highly mentally tasking, either for health or other reasons. 

Looking to get started? Here are some suggestions you may want to check out. 

1. Online Tutoring 

Female young hispanic school math teacher, college tutor coach looking at webcam and talking in classroom giving virtual teaching remote class online lesson by zoom conference call on laptop computer.
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For a long time, online tutoring jobs have been the go-to job for teachers looking to supplement their income, especially in the evening hours or during school holidays. 

 You, however, can now take up these opportunities whether you are a trained teacher or not. For instance, there are a lot of platforms that hire English-speaking natives to offer English as a second language classes to Asian and European learners from countries such as Poland, Finland, Denmark, etc. 

There are many other lessons you can give online, including math, chemistry, foreign languages, or test preparation. 

Start by checking out and applying to sites such as Chegg Tutors, VIPkids, Cambly, TutorMe, Wyzant, and Skooli. 

You can also look out for opportunities on Linkedin, Indeed, on social media, and in your circles. 

2. Customer Service

aggressive call center employee
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Customer service jobs have now widely evolved and can be done by responding to queries via emails, chat, and phone calls. The good thing is that you can do all these from the comfort of your home and can start within a very short time. 

Customer service relies heavily on your ability to empathize and communicate with clients and help them find the needed solution. 

There are always companies out looking for customer service agents. Use search engines and job boards for virtual customer service jobs. 

3. Data Entry 

Cheerful attractive female student with eyeglasses and short haircut chatting online in social networks with friend on modern computer using free high speed internet connection sitting in coffee shop.
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Data entry is another simple job you can quickly learn and start doing not long after getting hired. It is a job that thrives on high organizational skills, efficiency, and accuracy.

Your primary responsibility would be to input, update, and manage information in digital databases. 

 These tasks may include updating customer records, maintaining inventory databases, and transcribing documents and spreadsheets. 

Your role would be to ensure businesses have up-to-date and well-organized data that can easily be retrieved whenever needed. 

Since this data is used in decision-making, it is essential to be meticulously attentive to details because even the smallest errors can have significant consequences. 

With the freedom to work from anywhere, data entry offers a convenient and accessible online job option for those with an eye for precision and a knack for organization. A good starting place would be job boards, company websites, and job application sites. 

4. Transcribing 

A young asian woman wearing headset and using laptop tired and fatigued overworking on her troublesome report.
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Transcribing is a job you may want to consider if you have fast typing and active listening skills. The job involves transforming spoken word into written text. You may work with audio or video recordings, transforming interviews, meetings, podcasts, lectures, sermons, and dictations into written copies. 

 In general, transcribing comes with different formats and guidelines. The goal, however,  at the end of the day is to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. 

The good thing about this job is that it offers flexibility and can be done remotely. This makes it a good option for stay-at-home moms or college students. 

You could start by pitching your services to content creators that may need transcribed copies for their videos, research companies that host speeches, human resource companies that may need to transcribe their interviews, churches, or companies that outsource transcription services such as Speechpad, GoTranscript, and Rev. 

5. Data Annotation 

artificial intelligence, chat gpt, AI
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If you would like to work in machine learning and artificial intelligence, then you may want to consider data annotation. 

This job involves labeling and annotating data, making it easy for AI algorithms to understand and manipulate. 

The data you work on may be images, text, audio, or video, and the tasks may include adding descriptive tags, classifications, and other metadata that would help machines make sense of the information at hand. 

This role is a good one to consider for people with annotation experience or those ready to invest some time in learning. You will have to be proficient with AI models and how to manipulate them to enhance performance and reliability. Go for it if you have a good understanding of specific annotation guidelines. 

Data annotation plays an increasingly important role in various industries, including autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and computer vision. This job, therefore, offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of AI advancement while working remotely.

6. Make Digital Products for Sale

person hacking a computer
Image Credit: SimpleFoto via DepositPhotos.com.

Selling digital products is not something that will start paying you handsomely in the first week. You, however, can create the products, set up a shop, and start your marketing campaign in a week. 

You can also learn to make digital products in just a few days and kick-start your online business. If you do not know how to go about this, the first step would be to find a course on the internet and learn. 

You can then make products and find different marketing avenues, including social media and email marketing. 

 Some of the digital products you can put up for sale include Pinterest templates, checklists, eBooks, downloadable guides, graphic art, planners, journals, diaries, etc. 

 When your business picks up, you will love the fruits of selling products online. Most of the operations will be passive, and you can go days without lifting a finger, which makes it an excellent option for stay-at-home moms or college students.

 You will also love the low overhead that comes with it. For instance, you can create a digital product once and sell it repeatedly without worrying about things such as inventory, manufacturing, and shipping costs. 

7. Food Delivery

Mobile app icons of assorted food delivery services are seen on a smartphone, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, delivery.com, Seamless, Postmates and Instacart.
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The advent of food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash has made food delivery a job opportunity for anyone looking for a flexible way to earn some money. 

It is an especially great option for someone looking for something to start almost instantly. For instance, Uber.com states that their UberEats background checks take up to only 48 hours after submitting your application. 

Take a look at the requirements of different food delivery apps, and apply to those whose qualifications you meet. For instance, most of them stipulate specific transportation means for food delivery. 

Submit the needed documents and wait for a background check to be conducted. 

The good thing about food delivery is that you can work whenever you want to. For anyone looking to supplement their income after a 9-5, this would be a great job opportunity to consider. 

8. Walk Dogs 

Woman playing with her dog and toy in autumn park
Image Credit: Kzenon via DepositPhotos.com.

This is a side hustle that requires little to no experience to get started. It is a superb opportunity to combine a love of animals and being out with earning money. You will love that it is not just for the well-being of the dogs. Your health will also benefit from the outdoor walks and exercises. 

With dog walking, you can set your work hours and take as many clients as you wish. 

Consider offering your services in your circles, in local subreddits, and in Facebook groups. You should also consider using sites like Rover and Wag! that connect dog walkers to pet parents. 

9. Online Admin Assistant 

woman working home on her couch on a laptop
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An online administrative assistant works to maintain the smooth functioning of business and digital organizations in the digital spaces. 

Often, online admin assistants operate remotely, managing tasks, schedules, and communication. 

Your role will include streamlining processes, scheduling and coordinating meetings, managing calendars, and seamlessly running digital operations. 

You could work for start-ups, well-established organizations, and small businesses. 

If this is something you want to try out, check online job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed; company websites, freelancing platforms, and online marketplaces. 

10. Remote Bookkeeping or Accounting

Casually dressed young woman sitting at desk with open laptop and calculator, managing finances, calculating budget, expenses and savings, making notes, having serious facial expression.
Image Credit: Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock.

Have a background in accounting? Then, you can apply to companies to offer remote bookkeeping services to them. 

As a remote bookkeeper, your role would be to ensure the business’s financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant. 

You, however, must be very keen on details as accuracy is super important in tracking expenses, income, and financial transactions. 

The good thing about this job is cloud-based accounting software that lets the professionals access and manage financial data remotely. 

Online job platforms, company websites, and specialized accounting job boards are excellent places to find remote bookkeeping positions. Ensure your resume highlights your accounting skills, experience with relevant software (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero), and commitment to maintaining financial accuracy. 

11. Start an E-commerce Shop 

Businesswoman working on a beach
Image Credit: Lenanichizhenova via DepositPhotos.com.

E-Commerce is an excellent opportunity to turn your business idea into a reality.

 While turning your e-commerce shop into a profitable venture will take longer than a week, you can select a product, set up shops, and begin marketing campaigns in a week. 

The good thing about starting an e-commerce shop is that you can run it as a one-person show at the beginning. 

Create a business plan, select your products, then get a domain and website to get started,

Remember that success in e-commerce takes time and dedication. Building a brand, establishing trust with customers, and generating sales often require ongoing effort. Nevertheless, e-commerce offers an opportunity to start and grow a business with a global reach. It can be a fulfilling online job for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest some time and learn as they go. 

12. Social Media Management

Young pretty woman using social media on her smartphone
Image Credit: HASLOO via DepositPhotos.com.

Have a knack for social media? You could get into social media management and help businesses grow their audience or make sales via different platforms. 

 As a social media manager, your tasks could include making and scheduling posts, engaging the audience by replying to their comments and queries, and developing a content strategy that helps the business build a reputable brand online. 

 There are a lot of social media management courses you can start with, and most of them could be finished in a few days. 

While these courses may help you jump-start your social media management side hustle, some important ropes are learned while on the job. 

Do not be afraid to apply to jobs you find on different platforms, as the most essential part of such a job is starting and being able to show future clients what you have done before. 

13. Online Surveys and Market Research

Businessman hand putting check mark a checkbox on excellent smiley face rating for a satisfaction survey, Customer experience concept.
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Online surveys are a simple yet effective way to earn money on the side for participating in market research.

Now, you must note that online surveys rarely pay you enough money to live off of. While they are simple to sign up and get started, they are best done as side hustles. 

The thing about online surveys is that you can sign up, fill out profiles, and get started on as many of them as possible. You, however, have to know that they have different paying potentials and frequency of surveys you can take. This is one good reason to sign up on several sites. 

Remember to take up the surveys as soon as you receive the invitation. You do not want to wait until other participants max it out. 

Is this something that tickles your fancy? Consider signing up on sites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market. 

14. Virtual Assistant

Happy latin hispanic girl college student wearing headphones watching distance online class, remote university webinar or having talk on laptop video conference call virtual meeting at home or campus.
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The job of a virtual assistant involves providing administrative, technical, and creative support to entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses from remote locations. 

As a VA, you can assist with various tasks, including email management, appointment scheduling, data entry, social media management, content creation, bookkeeping, and more. 

The good thing about being a VA is that you can work from anywhere, set your hours, and choose clients or employers that align with your skills and interests.

 As an independent contractor, you can pick as many or few clients depending on your schedule. 

Additionally, VAs are needed across various industries, from start-ups, bloggers, and small businesses to larger corporations and professionals in fields like coaching, real estate, and consulting.

Reach out to businesses directly, and look out for opportunities on job boards and social media platforms. 

15. Freelance Writing

Stressed businesswoman with laptop
Image Credit: ArturVerkhovetskiy via DepositPhotos.com.

The thing about freelance writing is that you can always find opportunities in your field of specialization and start right away. In the medical field? It would be much easier for you to break into medical writing. In finance? There are always people looking for finance writers. The same applies to other fields, such as real estate, law, computer science, etc. 

You, however, do not have to be a professional in these fields. You could write about things you are passionate about, such as pets, gardening, travel, etc. Starting a freelance writing career from scratch and gradually building your way out is something you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Many writers argue that choosing a niche and sticking to it helps you maximize your earning potential. However, it is very understandable that identifying and pinning down a niche is difficult, especially for beginners. If this is you, you can start as a multi-niche writer as you try to figure things out. 

Start by writing some samples and having them published to help create your portfolio. You can then start applying for gigs on job boards, social media, and company websites. Do not be afraid to pitch directly to clients, as it sometimes pays off. 

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