11 Cheap Ski Resorts in Colorado You Shouldn’t Miss

When people imagine skiing in Colorado, they typically picture the picturesque Rocky Mountains covered in layers of snow. Many assume that skiing in the state must be expensive, while this assumption has some truth to it, there are cheap ski resorts in Colorado to enjoy. 


Continue reading below as I dive into the most budget-friendly ski resorts in Colorado that are worth a visit.


Best Cheap Ski Resorts in Colorado

There are about 30 different ski resorts within the state of Colorado. Each of these ski resorts represents distinctive terrains, a range of amenities, and varying price points. 


To make your choice easier and more affordable, I’ve identified the top cheap ski resorts in Colorado, ensuring you can appreciate the slopes without breaking the banks.


1. Loveland Ski Area

Loveland Ski Area stands out as one of the closest ski resorts to the city of Denver, strategically positioned above and around the Eisenhower Tunnel.


Covering an expansive 1,800 acres of skiable terrain and with 9 lifts, Loveland Ski Area offers an impressive skiing experience. 


One feature that sets it apart is that Loveland Ski Area offers free snowcat skiing, this is a remarkable feature for budget-conscious skiers and snowboarders looking for a unique experience.


Adult ticket prices are around $150 but they also offer half-day tickets and exclusive tickets for the Loveland Valley area. 


You can also take advantage of lower prices during the early and late seasons, providing an incredible opportunity to save on your skiing and snowboarding adventures.


2. Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Located in southwestern Colorado, Wolf Creek is a prime destination for those seeking remarkable snow conditions, fewer crowds, and reasonably priced lift tickets. 

Wolf Creek Ski Resort boasts a range of terrain, 1,600 skiable acres, tailored to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. 


For adults, the standard rates are around $90. If you are a beginner, consider purchasing the Beginner Lifts Pass which is just under $45 and gives you access to only the beginner lifts and terrain. This is a fantastic opportunity for beginners looking to learn the art of skiing in Colorado without the hefty price tag.


3. Monarch Mountain 

Monarch Mountain is an excellent decision for cheap ski resorts in Colorado. It’s also a great resort for those wishing to steer clear of the congestion commonly encountered on the route to major resorts like Vail and Breckenridge. 


This resort is situated approximately 3 hours southwest of Denver and the car ride takes you along Highway 285. A visit to Monarch is a great choice because not only do you avoid traffic but you will experience fewer crowds and budget-friendly lift tickets at the resort.


While Monarch Mountain may have just 800 acres of skiable terrain, its size shouldn’t deter you. The mountain boasts 67 trails catering to both skiers and snowboarders of all levels. However, they have an impressive 36% designated as challenging black diamond runs, ideals for advanced riders. 


Lift ticket prices vary from $64 to $129, depending on factors such as holidays, days of the week, and more. 


4. Sunlight Mountain 

Sunlight’s primary aim is to provide an affordable mountain experience for skiers of all skill levels. With 730 acres of skiable terrain and 77 trails, this resort stands out as an excellent cheap ski resort in Colorado. 


For those looking to explore Aspen in winter without the steep prices, Sunlight Mountain provides an attractive alternative. Lift tickets typically range between $60 and $85, making it stand out as an excellent choice for those looking to save money skiing. 


Choosing Sunlight Mountain not only offers cost savings but also ensures a less crowded experience compared to the bustling Aspen resort. 


5. Purgatory Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort spans more than 1,600 acres of skiable terrain, offering 105 trails, just 25 miles north of Durango.


Ticket prices typically range between $40 and $100, but for those seeking spring skiing in April, there’s a fabulous opportunity to snag tickets for as low as $9. 


Purgatory is part of the Power Pass Resorts, offering an awesome alternative for individuals looking for a more affordable ski pass compared to the popular Epic or Ikon passes. This pass allows access to a variety of local resorts, offering skiing experiences beyond the major name destinations.


6. Eldora Resort

Eldora, a smaller ski resort, is situated about 30 miles from Boulder and 50 miles from Denver, providing a convenient option for those eager to ski from either city.


With 680 acres of skiable terrain, Eldora Resort offers a small but outstanding ski experience. One feature that makes this resort stand out is that all of its terrain is equipped with snowmaking capabilities. This makes it an ideal resort to visit because you don’t have to rely on snowstorms for great conditions.


Ticket prices at Eldora vary but typically fall between $100 and $150. 

7. Ski Cooper

For those seeking budget-friendly ski resorts in Colorado, Ski Cooper must be on the top of your list. 


Although one of the smaller ski areas in the state, encompassing just 480 acres of skiable terrain, it offers a surprisingly diverse experience with 64 impressive trails to explore. 


Ski Cooper takes pride in its affordability, making it an ideal choice for families looking to embark on a budget-friendly ski experience. Lift passes are generally priced at $95, but check their calendar, as they offer $30 Thursdays on select days. This provides a fantastic way to enjoy the slopes midweek with such a low cost.


8. Hesperus Ski Area

Hesperus is one of the smallest ski areas in Colorado with just 60 skiable acres of terrain. However, they receive a whopping 150 inches of snowfall each year and have one of the largest night skiing areas in southwest Colorado.


Located just on the outskirts of Durango, this resort offers full-day lift tickets for $48, or you can opt for a night skiing ticket at $36. If you’re in search of a small ski resort with budget-friendly prices don’t overlook this hidden gem. 


9. Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Powderhorn prides itself on being one of the most family-friendly resorts in the West. Not only are they exceptionally family-friendly but they offer 70% of their runs catering to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Lift tickets are typically between $90 and $110 depending on the day. 


What sets this resort apart is its tiny home lodging located at the base. These cozy tiny homes, just a short stroll from the ski lifts, provide an amazing accommodation option for those looking to stay close to the slopes.


10. Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin, often referred to as A-Basin by the locals, is another phenomenal choice for cheap ski resorts in Colorado. 


This resort is famous for its extremely long ski season in Colorado and has over 1,400 acres of terrain to enjoy. 


Offering 49% of its terrain tailored to black diamonds, A-Basin stands out as an exceptional destination for expert skiers. Positioned just 80 miles west of Denver, the resort provides a thrilling skiing experience. Lift tickets typically range between $90 and $130. This resort boasts some of the highest terrain in North America so be sure to bring along your favorite heated ski gloves for a warm, toasty, and comfortable experience out on the slopes. 


11. Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Famous for its charming ski town, Crested Butte is an awesome choice for budget-friendly ski resorts in Colorado, providing an alternative to the more prominent names in the area. 


With an impressive 1,500 amiable acres, 15 lifts, and 1321 trails, Crested Butte offers a diverse skiing experience. 


While tickets typically range between $100 and $200, which might seem slightly higher compared to other options of this list, Crested Butte stands out as one of Colorado’s best ski resorts. Its incredible slopes, quaint ski town, and delightful lodging options make it an unforgettable destination well worth exploring. 

Cheap Ski Resorts in Colorado

Colorado is home to countless phenomenal ski resorts. Despite the widespread belief that skiing can be quite costly, there are many affordable options in the state. These cheap ski resorts in Colorado offer exceptional terrain without breaking the bank. 

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