Adventure Junkies Rejoice: 10 Breathtaking Netflix Shows to Fuel Your Inner Explorer

If you’re a big fan of adventure travel, you’re probably always looking for your next thrilling trip. But if you can’t travel because of money or time or logistics, then watching a show about travel is the next best thing.

Inspiring Adventure Shows

Our Great National Parks. President Barack Obama in Our Great National Park
Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

And there’s nowhere better to get inspiration from than Netflix – the streaming service is packed with tv shows that will transport you to some of the world’s most beautiful and remote destinations.

These shows are sure to inspire you, whether you dream of climbing some of the world’s coolest mountains or kayaking in a far-off place, so let’s get stuck in!

Human Playground

American Football Player running upfield
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First up is Human Playground, a thrilling series that takes you on a journey to some of the world’s most extreme and dangerous adventure playgrounds. This show, narrated by Idris Elba, highlights how humans can push their limits to the extreme.

From the Swiss Alps’ dizzying heights to the Amazonian rainforest’s depths, this show will leave you on the edge of your seat – and dreaming of booking your next adventure travel trip.

Our Great National Parks

Our Great National Parks. President Barack Obama in Our Great National Park
Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

Another fantastic show is Our Great National Parks, though this one is narrated by none other than ex-President Barack Obama. This docu-series delves deep into some of the most iconic national parks in the USA, Africa, and beyond.

There are only five episodes, but it’s just enough to sink your teeth into and inspire your next adventure. Highlights include Tsavo in Kenya and the gigantic Chilean Patagonia. Prepare to be enthralled by this fascinating – and life-affirming – series.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Jack Whitehall holding a goat while his father unhappily tries to feed it a bottle
Image Credit: Simon Ridgway via Netflix.

For those who want to watch something a little lighthearted (ok, so hilarious might be a better word), add Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father to your watch later list.


There are five series, and every single one of the 18 episodes is a must-watch. This show follows the adventures of British comedian Jack Whitehall and his grumpy-but-adorable father as they travel through the world. They’ve covered everywhere from the USA to Asia, and their funny interactions and misadventures are sure to leave you LOLing.

Magical Andes

Andes Mágicos (2019) Magical Andes
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Want to travel to South America without leaving your couch? Magical Andes is a perfect choice for a Netflix program. It’s in Spanish, so be prepared to put your subtitles on and spend hours immersing yourself in the beauty of Columbia, Peru, and more.

This show explores the Andes mountain range, highlighting the unique cultures and landscapes nestled in the surroundings. From Ecuador’s beaches to Patagonia’s snowy peaks, this show is a feast for the eyes.

Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal and Kenji Lopez-Alt in San Francisco (2020)
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A personal favorite, Somebody Feed Phil is a hilarious romp that sees Phil Rosenthal (AKA the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) travel the world in search of good food and fun cultural experiences.

Each episode is a feast for the senses, showcasing the flavors and sights of each destination – highlights include San Francisco, Philly, and Helsinki. Just make sure you have a snack while you watch – you will be hungry!

Not currently available in the United States.

True Spirit

True Spirit. (L to R) Cliff Curtis as Ben Bryant and Teagan Croft as Jessica Watson in True Spirit.
Image Credit: Julian Panetta/Netflix.

Thrillseeker? This next show is for you. True Spirit is an Australian biographical movie that follows Jessica Watson as she attempts to become the youngest sailor to travel the world alone.

Based on Jessica’s memoir, at just 16 years old, she battles the trials and tribulations that come with sailing – totally alone. Setting sail from Sydney, this is a truly inspirational movie that anyone interested in adventure travel needs to watch.

Will she achieve her dream? You’ll have to watch to find out.

14 Peaks

14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible
Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

Another incredible adventure travel show on Netflix is 14 Peaks, a documentary about the difficult journey of Nepalese mountaineer Nimsdai Purja as he attempts to climb all 14 of the world’s tallest peaks in just seven months.

Nims’ story is fascinating, and the show is a testament to his endurance and determination. It might just inspire you to climb a mountain!

The River Runner

Ice cube splashing in water, isolated on blue
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Looking for your next challenge? The River Runner follows professional kayaker Ben Marr as he traverses the globe in order to find the most challenging and exhilarating whitewater rapids.

Whether you’re a keen kayaker or a total newbie, this Netflix show offers a unique perspective on the sport of kayaking, showcasing the sheer power of some of the world’s most stunning rivers – and the talent of the people that kayak along them.

Chasing Coral

Jeff Orlowski in Chasing Coral
Image Credit: Richard Vevers / Netflix.

Chasing Coral is an emotional Netflix show that transports viewers on an underwater adventure to discover the sad reality of the world’s coral reefs. The show offers a sobering look at the impact of climate change on these delicate ecosystems and highlights the beautiful diversity of marine life that calls them home.

Down to Earth With Zac Efron


Aside from the fact that Zac Efron presents it, adventure lovers should add Down to Earth with Zac Efron to their watch later list. The show follows the Hollywood actor as he explores the beauty and culture that can be found in Australia.

Zac fully immerses himself in a range of exciting activities, from surfing in Byron Bay to exploring the Outback. If you dream of traveling to Australia in search of immense natural beauty (or want to daydream from your couch!), this show is a great option to excite you.

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