10 Celebrities Who Have a Reputation for Being Incredibly Cheap

Have you heard rumors about your favorite celebs being cheap? After combing through a popular internet thread that asked, “Which celebrities are notorious for being stingy?” these were the wildest alleged stories about celebrities being stingy as anything. All alleged!

1.  Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner wearing Balmain arrives at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards
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Kylie Jenner is infamous for not walking the walking after talking, well, you know how the saying goes. Though many may think of the Kardashians as philanthropists, Kylie is stingy with her staff. “As a server, that story about Kylie Jenner apparently spending around $500 on a meal and only tipping $20 still lives rent-free in my head.”

2.  Summer Walker

Atlanta, Georgia/ USA- September 8 2019: Summer Walker Attended the One music Festival at Centennial park.
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At one point, singer Summer Walker was offering a position as her personal assistant, but the pay was not up to par with the responsibilities of a celebrity’s functionary. The additional stress and magnitude of duties alone negate the $2k per month salary.

3.  Grace Gummer

LOS ANGELES - OCT 20: Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep at the "Suffragette" LA Premiere at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater on October 20, 2015 in Beverly Hills, CA.
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Many people mentioned Meryl Streep’s children throughout the list, but the one said the most was Grace Gummer. “I heard Grace Gummer makes the help cry.” One posted, “I feel like it’s telling about a person who is rude to service workers and support staff.”

4.  Jordan Peele

LOS ANGELES - JAN 19: Producer Jordan Peele arrives for the 30th Annual Producers Guild Awards on January 19, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA.
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He is an American filmmaker, comedian, and actor best known in the horror and comedy categories. The writer and director, whose work spans TV and film, got his start in sketch comedy before transitioning into satire and psychological horror. Peele is, unfortunately, also known throughout Los Angeles as a customer who does not tip.

5.  Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney at the ceremony posthumously honoring George Harrison with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Vine Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. 04-14-09.
Image Credit: s_bukley/Shutterstock.

Despite Linda McCartney’s reputation as extremely pleasant, Paul McCartney is known for being quiet and a horrible tipper. One couple met the McCartneys on vacation in 1989.

The couple remembered the famous pair spending hundreds of dollars a round on the best tequila at the bar because they were on their honeymoon. The couple looked at the receipt and noticed he “didn’t bother to tip the actual servers!”

6.  Michael Jordan

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 26: Michael Jordan attends 1st round match between Roger Federer of Switzerland and Marinko Matosevic of Australia at US Open tournament in Flushing Meadows USTA Tennis Center.
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A former Las Vegas casino employee spoke about how Michael Jordan was the talk of the town because he was “very difficult around Vegas. Jordan was moody, entitled, and unpleasant to the casino and hotel staff.”


Another Vegas employee chronicled a time when the G.O.A.T. of hockey, Wayne Gretzky, had to put the G.O.A.T. of basketball in his place because of an unacceptable tip.

7.  Scottie Pippen

Retired NBA basketball player Scottie Pippen is seen during a filming session of the basketball-themed movie, Amazing, in Shanghai, China, September 27, 2010.
Image Credit: ChinaImages/Shutterstock.

In 2004, Scottie Pippen was on a date at a high-end New York City restaurant connected to this equally high-end hotel. Pippen tipped $28 on a $350 bill, and when asked about their experience, “he and his date had no complaints about the food,” which makes one wonder, why such a minuscule tip?

8.  Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez performs live during the 60th Sanremo Song Festival at the Ariston Theatre on February 19, 2010 in SanRemo, Italy.
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Jennifer Lopez has been seen on several occasions taking back a tip left by her husband, Ben Affleck, if she feels it is too big. Others have confirmed this with sightings of the celebrity couple in the big Vegas casinos. “I guess that was before Ben got in trouble for counting cards,” somebody joked.

9.  Lidia Bastianich

HUNTINGTON, NY-DEC 7: Chef Lidia Bastianich signs her new book "Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking" at Book Revue on December 7, 2013 in Huntington, New York.
Image Credit: Debby Wong/Shutterstock.

Lidia Bastianich is an Italian-American celebrity chef, TV host, and author who was none for something other than cooking at one point.


She had a woman working in her home full time without pay, only providing her with room and board. However, Lidia faced no legal charges after being sued because she provided the worker with health insurance.

10.  Jake Gyllenhaal

LOS ANGELES - JUN 26: Jake Gyllenhaal arrives for the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' World Premiere on June 26, 2019 in Hollywood, CA.
Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock.

Jake Gyllenhaal was once invited to a hospital event as a special guest. Inside the waiting area for this event’s guests was a table with low-level swag like pens, mugs, and t-shirts. One hospital employee witnessed Gyllenhaal cleaning off the swag table into his bag.


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Kylie Jenner wearing Balmain arrives at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards
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