What I Am Putting In My Summer Survival Kit

While memories of summer camp, the beach, sprinklers, ice pops, ice cream, and a lot of fun activities (where did my mother get her energy from?) as an adult, I cringe a bit when I think of all those same activities.

I’m getting ready for summer with a summer survival kit! 

Ayla Vacuum

The Ayla & Co. vacuum is a must-have for summer vacations and traveling! Cleaning up after spills and messes is part of life. That doesn’t mean you have to resort to a shop vac or heavy vacuum to get the job done. How about using a lightweight cordless one that looks like a chic water bottle and easily fits in your bag?

Beach Towels

I need tons of towels for swimming, beach, showers, sitting outside, and cleaning up messes. I also like to keep a bunch in the car just in case we make an unauthorized sprinkler stop.

Water Bottles

Kids and adults need to stay hydrated. I like to buy water bottles with a spout- I find they have fewer spills- and that have a handle

Summer First Aid Kit

You need a summer “first aid kit” in your home. I grab a Sterilite container and fill it with: bandaids, Neosporin, aloe vera gel (great for sunburns), sunscreen, bug spray, afterbite, and calamine lotion spray.

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