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TV Perfection: These 10 Netflix Shows Are Rated 10/10 By Viewer

Well, here goes! Someone recently asked for recommendations of shows on Netflix that are rated “10/10”. Here are some of the top responses!


Someone wrote, “Without a doubt, among the best-written dialogue, plot, camera work, acting, and lighting of ANY show on Netflix.


I love it when a series is so obviously planned out from the start. Most of the time the first season is great, then you can tell they’re just making stuff up as they go.

“I thought Maid was excellent and no one mentioned it” someone wrote. Another added, “Maid was a true gem that gets far to few mentions.”



Narcos are probably the best series I’ve seen from Netflix. Narcos: Mexico is my favorite. It’s basically high quality content that’s akin to HBO’s best,” someone wrote.

Someone commented, “The first season is a 10/10. I couldn’t stop recommending it to people. The second season was 7/10 and that’s being generous.

Russian Doll

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