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Top 8 Netflix Shows To Watch When You Are Bored At Home

It’s finally the weekend, and all you want to do is rest and relax. You are craving something new and interesting to watch, like Stranger Things, or The Watcher– but you already watched them. Here are some shows to binge!

Shadow And Bone

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings, Shadow and Bone will be an exciting show that is worth the watch

Physical 100

If you want to see some competition on Netflix, Physical 100 is a must-watch show. It is a South Korean reality competition show that features 100 diverse athletes, including women.

Lockwood & Co.

Want to watch some action? Lockwood & Co. is a British supernatural show that revolves around a young team of teenagers working to annihilate ghosts who have become a threat to society

A comedy-drama that features revenge, family, and mental health. The story is about two strangers, Danny Cho and Amy Lau, who are involved in a road rage incident that creates conflict.


The Glory

A horrific thriller show, The Glory, is a must-watch show on Netflix. It is a Korean show about a woman who set up an elaborate revenge plot to make her tormenter pay for abusing her for many years.

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