The Pros and Cons of the Live-in Flip Method for Flipping Houses

what if there was a way to combine the benefits of homeownership and flipping houses?

Lower Mortgage Interest Rates and Down Payment

An individual wanting to purchase an investment property will need to be prepared to pay 20-25% of the purchase price up-front on the home. Therefore, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lower down payment and a lower rate by purchasing a live-in flip as a primary residence.

No Income Tax Due When You Sell

Not paying capital gains tax when you’re ready to sell your home may be the most significant advantage of flipping houses via the live-in flip.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home to Make Updates

As a parent with young children, not going to another home to make updates is appealing. I know that many people hire out the work to flip a house, but if you’re somewhat handy, there’s plenty of sweat equity work you can do yourself.

Multiple Exit Strategies

Flipping houses via a live-in flip is the focus of this post, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your only exit strategy. There are multiple other options that you can consider

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